France’s S4M raises $8 million in Series A to retarget ads on mobile
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Photo Credit: S4M

Move over CPM, and CPC, S4M says it has its own SDK so it can deliver KPI+1. In regular speak, this French adtech startup can increase the number of users that actually become customers on mobile – and the web

French mobile adtech startup S4M (Solutions for Mobile) announced an $8 million Series A round of funding from Entrepreneurs Venture and Bpifrance’s digital fund on Thursday.

The company was launched in 2012 by adtech veteran Christophe Collet and it focuses on retargeting programmatic advertising. Although programmatic advertising is a crowded space, S4M is clearly standing out from the crowd because its customers include the likes of  BMW, Levi’s, Cartier, Disney, McDonalds and Nissan.

Frederic Joseph, Global COO and UK CEO at S4M, told Geektime that the company’s secret sauce consisted of algorithms that cluster audiences and retarget ads in an especially effective way. S4M is also able to retarget ads both in web browsers and inside of apps. Most of the company’s competitors can do one or the other, says Joseph, but not both.

“We have our own SDK which is our way to bridge the gap between the web and app.”

In other words, S4M can track your behavior deep inside any app, in the same way cookies track you when you’re browsing the open web. This is important because on mobile devices, more and more activity takes place inside of apps.

But there is more.

“The most common KPIs that our competitors use are CPM or CPC. But we are able to optimize in what we call KPI+1.”

If you’re confused, that’s adtech speak for conversions. S4M’s programmatic mobile demand platform performs based not on how many people click, but how many people convert into customers, whether that means becoming a lead or actually buying something. That’s good because a lot of the people clicking may actually be robots.

S4M tackles all the challenges of mobile advertising for its clients, including open RTB (Real Time Bidding), mobile adserving, tracking, media buying optimization and purchase funnel management.

Mobile advertising is growing

Mobile advertising is predicted to be a $28 billion market by the end of 2015.

“We plan to double the technical team, adding data scientists, developers and engineers by the end of 2015, giving S4M an early technological lead,” Christophe Collet, Founder and CEO of S4M said in a press release. “We will also triple our sales team enabling us to grow our presence internationally, in particular the UK and US.”

Prior to the Series A round, S4M was bootstrapped. The company says it has been profitable from day one, and its revenues for 2015 are expected to increase 150% from the previous year.

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