Israel’s Webydo raises $5 million to empower graphic designers


Website design platform Webydo announced on Thursday that it has raised an additional $5 million, bringing the company’s total funding to $13.4 million. This most recent funding comes from the Singulariteam venture capital fund headed by Yo and Mobli founder Moshe Hogeg.

Webydo addresses the challenges individuals, particularly non-tech oriented graphic types, face in designing websites for clients. The platform gives graphic designers all the tools they need to create and manage websites without any reliance on developers or coders. In a world where the ability to code is king, Webydo gives power back to artists, allowing them to design, upload, store, and even manage a site without any third-party handholding.

All a graphic designer has to do is upload their design to Webydo’s servers, and presto, out comes a website coded in HTML5.

The analysis behind Webydo’s platform

Behind the scenes, Webydo’s platform analyzes the various elements of the design, intuiting what is meant to be a button, heading, etc. It then turns the design into a functioning website that is identical down to the pixel level. Best of all, designers can make changes to the site through the drag and drop method.

At present, Webydo’s user base is 140,000 graphic designers strong. Webydo is a SaaS service with subscriptions starting at $9 a month for rookie designers and going up to $85 per month for a design studio. For the highest fee you get up to 250 sites as well as email and chat support, file backup and even professional website management, based on your clients’ needs.

In June 2014, the company raised $7 million from venture capitalists. The round was led by OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based crowdfunding platform, together with Magma Ventures and a group of strategic investors from the United States and Britain. Webydo was founded in 2010 by Shmulik Grizim and Tzvika Steinmetz.

Simona Weinglass translated the original article. 


  1. I am a designer, and I like where this company is coming from. The problem is that Adobe is already moving in this direction. InDesign exports layouts to HTML – although not currently as slick as Webydo. You have to guess that they are one step away from a product just like this. But I love that someone other than Adobe is trying to shake things up. Definitely going to try it.

  2. i do not recomend for anyone to use this company. they have aweful customer service and i do not recomend anyone to use there services even having a good platform its not worth it.


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