This smartpot helps monitor the growth of the sapling in your garden
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Greenopia / Photo Credit: PR

Christened Greenopia, the product has already got backing from 45 individuals on Indian crowdfunding site Wishberry


Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining momentum in India. What is surprising is that many of the IoT companies in the country are taking the crowdfunding route to announce their arrival and raise some moolah for the product design and development. Whether it is Fin (RHLvision), MAID (SectorQube Technologies), Gecko (Connovate Technology) or Stridalyzer (ReTiSense Technologies) — all took to crowd funding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo to raise seed money. One of these firms has got backing from Steve Wozniak, the legendary co-founder of Apple.

Here is another startup that is taking the crowdfunding route to raise some money for its intelligent personal gardening assistant that enables you to monitor the growth of plants. Christened Greenopia, the product has already got backing from 45 individuals on Wishberry, a new crowdfunding portal in India.

The trigger

“Some of us come from small towns where we used to have kitchen gardens at home, and actually grew up on fresh and healthy food. But this was an experience difficult to replicate in cities. When we tried growing food ourselves, we failed because it was really hard to make sense of what was going on with our plants. Information on [the] Internet was not always relevant to our plants and our geographies. And experts were not always easy to find. Work and family commitments made it even more difficult to keep up with it. This led to the birth of Greenopia,” said Co-Founder Mani HK.

What is Greenopia?

Greenopia is an advanced ‘smart gardening kit’ consisting of an Internet-enabled smartpot and a mobile app. The smartpot has sensors that can detect the three most critical plant vitals — soil moisture, soil electrical conductivity and sunlight. The smartpot remotely syncs to your mobile app, proactively offering actionable guidance on specific needs throughout a plant’s life cycle.

According to the startup, Greenopia is designed for busy people. Once you plant a sapling in the smartpot, the mobile app becomes your personal assistant. The smartphone can detect the status of the plant as in whether it is getting enough water and sunlight or whether the soil is too acidic, etc. The smartpot then sends this data to your app in real-time. Based on this data, the app offers you suggestions on what you should do to keep the plant healthy.

The smartpot — roughly 2 feet in length, 1 foot in breadth, and 0.5 feet in height — has a motor and a water reservoir (which you can fill with water once in a while). Since it is connected to the Internet, when you press the ‘water’ button on the app, it sends signals to the smartpot and actuates the motor.

Greenopia's Team / Photo Credit: PR

Greenopia’s Team / Photo Credit: PR

Greenopia says the mobile app is designed to give proactive information about the specific needs of the plant throughout its lifecycle.

The app also provides a platform for you to connect with other users in the Greenopia community to share and learn from their experiences. “For instance, if someone has grown the perfect parsley plant in Bangalore, it knows the conditions that have lead to it, and gives you smarter suggestions for your plant,” said Mani.

Currently under development, the product will be shipped to its backers starting May this year. Greenopia targets urban professionals, as it feels that urban farming is the future of food sustainability.

Greenopia was started by Mani and Mayukhini — both graduates of National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

This post was originally published on e27.

Featured Image Credit: Greenopia / PR.

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