Helpful online parenting courses – for when you’re in a rough patch
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Girl crying in car. Photo Credit: Elena Stepanova / Shutterstock

‘Kids don’t come with an instruction manual,’ or do they? We’ve scoured the net for some great tools which could be of great help for any parent

While a manual is not necessary most of the time, every kid is still very unique and different as every phase they go through presents a new odyssey of challenges for new moms and dads. Okay, maybe things are not too dramatic, even though sometimes they do get rough, as a family may have to face a difficult transition such as a divorce.

So, naturally, sometimes parents may feel overwhelmed or unable to communicate with their kids. In this context, an online parenting course may prove to be useful.

I believe the view that being a parent cannot essentially be taught, yet on the other hand, there’s always something useful out there for a parent to learn. Here are eleven online places, some of them free, where parents can sign up for parenting courses. So, in no particular order:

1. Family Lives

2. Positive Parenting

3. Mommybites (free)

4. Netmums

5. Parenting Online

6. Mellow Parenting

7. The Center for Parenting Education

8. Moms on Call

9. Parent Class Online

10. Parents Forever

11. Course for Parents

This post was originally published on Funifi‘s blog. 

Featured Image Credit: Elena Stepanova / Shutterstock

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