7 successful businesses you can run from anywhere in the world
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The following are only seven examples of entrepreneurial initiatives that can keep you moving around the globe and advance your career at the same time.


The earth is one big global village, with widespread internet access making it easier than ever to be a citizen of the world. Up until recently, the vast majority of people around the world were tied down to a workplace in a specific location. Nowadays, having a laptop and a smartphone allow Millennials to hop between different locations while maintaining a successful career.

While it’s certainly true that not all professions can easily go on the road, if you’re passionate about travel, there is still a nice variety of career options for you to choose from. The following are only seven examples of entrepreneurial initiatives that can keep you moving around the globe and advance your career at the same time.

1. Pop-Up Store Owner

Pop-up stores are designed to be temporary and enjoy a short-term success. This means that the usual challanges of owning a brick-and-mortar store – like managing storage, dealing with retailers or establishing a local reputation – are significantly reduced. For the traveling sales fanatic, this is an ideal setting for a quick setup that can be easily dissolved and adapted for multiple locations.

2. Alternative Tour Guide

People who travel a lot are very well adapted at exploring a new surroundings. This makes our eternal globetrotter a perfect candidate for sharing cool discoveries with tourists who want to experience more than a typical guidebook can offer.

3. Web Designer

There are two explanations for why web design is one of the leading digital professions for people who want to stay mobile. First, you can accomplish all stages of the web design process from concept to execution through online communication. The second advantage of web design is that it doesn’t require extensive language proficiency, which means you can work with intentional clients. If your laptop is strong enough to handle design softwares, the entire world can be your office.

4. Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Healthy eating and living advice are largely universal, so if you feel committed to spreading the health gospel around the world this could be the perfect profession for you. Not only can you appeal to local clients in your current whereabouts, you will always be able to continue the relationship with overseas clients through online communication. You may also choose to offer lifestyle tips in a blog or eBook form and charge readers for downloads.

5. Online Tutoring

Whether your expertise is math, language or knitting, knowledge can be easily transformed into a business venture. eLearning is establishing itself as a convenient tool for students in various levles and ages to improve their performance. A regular video chat session can replace the weekly home visits, and email exchange is an easy solution for delivering homework assignments. You can be anywhere in the world and still help a 5th-grader from New Hampshire with algebra.

6. Artisan Manufacturer

If arts and crafts come naturally to you and you always find yourself bursting with inspiration, setting up an online store for selling your homemade creations is a wonderful way to secure a living/ Some fun ideas for artisan products you can experiment with are handmade stationery, jewelry and fashion accessories, home decor items, lace making and much more.

7. Content Wizard

One of the greatest things about words is that they require no physical presence. You can take them with you wherever you go. If you have a writing talent you have multiple possibilities to earn a living on the road: blogging, copywriting editing and even translating if you happen to be bilingual. All you need is a word processing software and the muse.

This post was originally published on Wix‘s blog. 

Featured Image Credit: g-stockstudio / Shutterstock

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