5 Best Internet Companies To Work For Outside Of The U.S.
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Photo Credit: PR - Yousician team

The tech world has [literally] broken down the cubicle walls and with a fun and laid-back office culture, encourages people’s creativity through unconventional and inspirational work places


The tech world has [literally] broken down the cubicle walls and with a fun and laid-back office culture, encourages people’s creativity through unconventional and inspirational work places.

Do you want to work in the exciting internet field but also have a touch of wanderlust? Are you looking to combine your love of foreign lands and all things tech? Check out these amazing companies that are the stuff dream jobs are made of, and just happen to be outside the U.S. borders:

5 companies you should work for outside the USA6

Wix.com – Tel Aviv

We don’t mean to brag… but working at Wix is kind of the best. We know first hand that working in tech rocks and we wouldn’t make this claim if we couldn’t back it up with lots of awesome evidence (check out the Wix Instragram account for photographic proof). The perks come in many forms: tons of free snacks, video game areas, a rooftop lounge that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and breakfast made to order every morning. The list goes on, but what really makes our work so much fun is the amazing people that make up the Wix family. That and the Wix dogs. If you’re a dog owner or even just love pooches, you’re in luck. Wix is 100% dog friendly. At any given moment, there are plenty of pups roaming the Wix halls, all ready to put a smile on your face and accept a pat.

Wix.com - Tel Aviv

Have we sold you yet? Take a look at the our Jobs page and find the career that fits your talents! And if Tel Aviv is drenched in sunshine too many months out of the year for you, we’ve also got awesome offices in Vilnius and Dnepropetrovsk! Take a look at our Vilnius office in the video below:

Yousician – Helsinki

Love music and helping people learn it? This tech company brings tech that caters to the inner musician in all of us – and aims to help that musician not only come out and play, but keep playing. Their guitar-learning apps are built to be fun, and their offices seem to be, too. With a “shoes off” policy (especially on the AstroTurf), they’ve created a haven for musicians and anyone with a laid-back vibe to really get creative from their penthouse location in central Helsinki.  The cool props, toys and instruments strewn throughout the office mean you’re less than likely to get bored at the work place. And if you really love travelling, you’ll enjoy their annual month-long work-retreat in Greece. While they may be one of the smaller sized companies (for now) on our list, they are still catering to 10 million guitarists around the world. Check out Yousician’s job page to see if you find the right fit for you!

Yousician - Helsinki

Hootsuite – Vancouver

We musn’t forget our good friends on the other side of the border. If you work with social media, chances are good you’ve tried the Hootsuite dashboard to manage your social accounts and engagement. But have you ever considered that they’re hiring and that it just might be your dream job? Their office is decorated with inspirational artwork and has comfy lounge areas as well as a gym so you don’t have to go far to get your workout on.

Have a look at the positions Hootsuite is looking to fill on their careers page.

Mind Candy – London

If you had to picture what the office of the guys behind the Moshi Monsters game looks like, we’re guessing it looks exactly like it does. With over 80 million registered users, this company is no longer at startup status, but it seems to maintain the close-knit feeling. It was recently deemed ‘Britain’s coolest office’ by the UK’s The Telegraph news for good reason: their whimsical work space is anything but common. Some of the bonuses include fully stocked kitchens, fun parties, and all-around friendly and super intelligent people to work and hang out with and learn from.
Want to be part of “the greatest entertainment company in the world for the new digital generation”? Check out their open career listings.

5 companies you should work for outside the USA3

Criteo – Paris

This tech company changed the advertising game. For an industry that used to be comparable to shooting in the dark, Criteo spent years developing smart systems that can optimize marketing efforts, and track the results. And thanks to these efforts, the results look much better. If the premise the company is based on doesn’t get you 100% pumped to work there (we think it’s kind of awesome), their work environment will. The biggest on our list, this company started in 2005 and grew at an astonishing rate. Today, their offices span 21 different cities (so if Paris isn’t your style, you have plenty more to choose from) and they work with 6000+ advertisers across 50+ countries. Take a look at the video below to get a feel for what the people who work at Criteo have to say about it – it pretty much speaks for itself. If you’re ready to jump on board with Criteo, head over to their careers page and apply for your dream job.

Have a dream job that’s not on this list? Check out these tips on how to cold email your dream employer.

This post was originally published on the Wix blog

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