Finnish clothing startup for hospitalized children, Beibamboo, raised 60k with crowdfunding
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Photo Credit: PR, Beibamboo

Sometimes all you need is a good video and a simple campaign

I spoke to Nina Ignatius from Finland-based Beibamboo about her successful campaign on the Sweden-based platform Fundedbyme last year.

Beibamboo is an award winning Finnish innovation that helps hospitalized children to recover faster (and saves staffs time and hospital equipment). Pain-free & safe for child. CEO/Founder Nina Ignatius was on the list “40 Women To Watch” by Forbes.

Beibamboo raised just under 60.000€ for 7% equity from 93 individual investors. Today, Nina plans to launch Kickstarter campaign which is “no loss of equity”.

Photo Credit: PR, Beibamboo

Photo Credit: PR, Beibamboo

Here is the interview.

Pavel: What do you do?

Nina: The worlds best baby clothing

Pavel: What alternatives of raising money did you consider? How did it go?

Nina: Angel money — could not find any in Finland. Typical angel is male and +50, so we did not get anybody with experience in babies or clothing

Pavel: Why equity crowd funding?

Nina: Our products appeal to a lot of people and it is easy to understand the benefits.

Pavel: Why FundedByMe?

Nina: FundedByMe was new and fresh. At the time (summer 2013) others were not available to us. Kickstarter (we are launching tomorrow!) and Indiegogo.

Pavel: What was your strategy there? How did it go?

Nina: We wanted to appeal with an emotional video.

Pavel: Would you do something differently today? Your recommendation to others?

Nina: We did what we could. I would not change anything. Be simple, do not try to be too smart with language etc. Make great visuals/video/graphics. Look professional.

Pavel: What to do ? What to avoid in campaigns?

Nina: Appeal to emotions. And have a great, unique product. Avoid too many details. People are busy and won’t read super long projects in detail..

Pavel: Do you think that backing from business angels coud help?

Nina: An angel syndicate could definitely boost campaign

Pavel: What do you recommend to startup founders that plan to raise their first bigger money? When should they stop with bootstrapping?

Nina: Hmm..So is this a case of – as long as you believe in it and have a roof over your head, etc.

Pavel: What is your take on reward-based crowd funding?

Nina: Love it. No loss of equity. We are trying it now (tomorrow)

This interview will be a part of my book on funding of your companies, with focus on equity crowdfunding and angel syndicates.

This post was originally published on Pavel Curda’s blog

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