The million dollar list: New Crowd-sourced list provides details of Israeli Angels


The biggest obstacle facing an entrepreneur who’s looking to raise money is getting to the right investor. First they have to find an investor interested in investing in the areas of their project, and second, they have to know how to reach them. Eden Shochat, a serial entrepreneur ( sold up and aternity) and veteran investor with experience (Genesis Foundation, Aleph Fund), wants to help entrepreneurs out with an unprecedented initiative that concentrates, on a single document, the names of all the angels investors in Israel, how to contact them and details of the investments which they generally look out for.

A valuable list with a social twist

Shochat created a list, the first of its kind to be released publicly, containing the names of about 130 Israeli angels. The list includes a few words about the startups each investor was involved with, place of residence, name of the company they’re active in, Areas of interest for investment and the minimum and maximum investment amounts they’re generally interested in.

Lastly, he also includes a list of information about investor deals including later stages of startups.

The novelty of the list and it’s public nature is rooted in its social aspect as being an open document in a Google Spreadsheet. Anyone can see the list, edit it, and add details based on their knowledge and experience. Speaking to Geektime, Shochat explained that the list started with the names of 15 angels who gave Shochat their permission to publish their details and all the other investors were then added by the community.

Shochat explains that if an Angel is not on the list and would like to add his name, or alternatively, if an Angel is unhappy with their listing, it’s not a problem. All they have to do is correct or delete the appropriate value. In addition, investors who want entrepreneurs to contact them only through a an intro can say so in place of their email in the email field .

[Update: When the piece first went live in it’s original Hebrew form yesterday, there were over 100 emails listed. Today it appears that most of the emails have been deleted.]

Once published the list went to hundreds of users who changed and edited it, making sure it was up to date. Additionally, it includes a generic list of names compiled by Shochat from his own network and in need of updating. He also included a list of startups looking for seed investment.

Photo Credit: Eden Shochat's Angel list
Photo Credit: Eden Shochat’s Angel list

In our interview, Shochat added: “We here at Aleph like information and we think it should be free and accessible to everyone. It all started as a project of a few hours work, but now, as a social collaborative effort, with all the lists ‘co-authors’ we’re talking about dozens of hours – and that’s cool!”

Where are the links?

If you are interested to see the list, use the link below:

If you want to change and edit the list, use the link below

Note: The option of editing is limited to 50 concurrent users. If you press the link and a view-only version displays, apparently there are currently more than 50 editors who are in the document and you’ll have to wait until less active users are editing.



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