Here are Bali’s first Startup Weekend winners
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Bali’s first ever Startup Weekend wrapped last week. After 54 intense hours of coding, hacking, and pitching, the competition has crowned its first winners in the Island of Gods.

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Bali’s first ever Startup Weekend wrapped up a few days ago. After 54 intense hours of coding, hacking, and pitching, the competition has crowned its first ever winners. Out of 75 participants who came from over 20 countries, the event found 11 interesting startup ideas ready to hit the market in the near future.

Although I wouldn’t say that these are fully developed ideas, here are the top three deemed cream of the crop:

3rd place: Bringers



Bringers targets people living overseas who miss their home and would love to find something to remind them of their hometown. Sadly, these things are mostly local and it’s hard to find them elsewhere. With Bringers, homesick expatriates can ask someone to find these items and bring them back.

Bringers is a simple platform where users can list the items they need, and how much money they are willing to pay for it. On the other side, if somebody is flying overseas and wants to make extra cash, they can browse the listings according to their destination.

All the transactions will be handled online in the Bringers platform. Acting as an escrow, the money will only be wired to the sender after the receiver confirms that he/she has acquired the promised items. Bringers plans to charge a 12 percent commission on each transaction.

However, this isn’t entirely a new idea. Another Indonesian startup by the name of Bistip has been doing more or less the same thing since 2011.

2nd place: Nanny Advisor



Admit it. As much as you love your children, it’s a bit tough taking care of them when you want to go travelling. This is true especially for those who enjoy extreme sports like hiking and rafting. While hotels may provide a nanny service, they may not have a professional nanny on board, but rather a housekeeping person willing to fill in.

Although it’s not an everyday situation, the folks behind Nanny Advisor want to ensure that you can get the best nanny for your loved ones. During Startup Weekend, Nanny Advisor was able to create a website and prototype for the mobile app. With them, you can browse the nannies based on location and see their detailed profiles.

1st place: Cash for Trash



Littering is a huge problem everywhere in the world, especially in developing countries like Indonesia. While educating people not to litter can only go so far, the team behind Cash for Trash believes that people can adopt the habit of throwing away and recycling trash faster if there’s an incentive. The incentive Cash for Trash team came up with is – you guessed it – cold, hard cash.

The Cash for Trash team targets youngsters ages 12 to 22 years old, most of whom are savvy smartphone users and might want to make some extra money, albeit just a small sum. The startup would need to go to schools and universities to promote the Cash for Trash smartphone app and hand out trash bags.

Then Cash for Trash would routinely send in garbage trucks to schools, and pick up the trash bags with students’ names written on them. The startup weighs the plastic bag and allocates some credit to the student, which can be redeemed for cash. The startup plans to earn revenue from recycling the trash.

Unfortunately, the startup didn’t explain clearly how much money the students can earn from their efforts.

Beside the three winners, Startup Weekend also commended DecaShop and Instagator. The former is an online marketplace for home furniture, while the latter is an app to connect people in co-working spaces online.

This post was originally published on TechInAsia


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