Meet the 11 startups handpicked for GSF India’s Global Accelerator Program
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The startups, selected from a pool of more than 500 applicants, are from across the world; they were chosen for their vision to go global


GSF India’s Global Accelerator Program is an initiative with a truly global approach. It connects entrepreneurs to peers, mentors, advisors and investors in India, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, Boston and Toronto.

Startups go through a mentoring and coaching program in key global tech hubs: five weeks in India, four weeks in San Francisco, two weeks in New York, and one week in Toronto. It finally culminates in a week in Singapore.

Rajesh Sawhney, GSF’s Founder, explains, “The selected startups have diverse business models and target markets. However, the common factor between all the startups selected for the program is their vision to go global. Ranging from a startup facilitating high quality medical tourism, to a startup providing an innovative platform for crowdsourcing business solutions, to another one developing a graphic design app with vector editors and collaborative capabilities, this cohort is set to establish new benchmarks in the tech world.”

The program, which started in 2012, has also got backing from 30 entrepreneurs and five venture funds, including Dave McClure’s 500 Startups. This latest initiative started on June 2, 2014. It has selected 11 startups from a pool of more than 500 applications from across the world.

We would like to introduce you to the 11 that made it to this year’s program. We will hopefully be hearing quite a lot about them in the near future.

1. TripMD (India-Canada)

TripMD connects patients to trusted healthcare providers worldwide. According to the startup, patients currently suffer from a lack of familiarity and don’t have a viable resource where they can discover and connect with world-class doctors abroad. TripMD solves this problem by providing patients with access to a network of reputed healthcare providers.

2. Greymeter (India)

Greymeter is an interactive talent community where organizers crowdsource real world challenges to get innovative solutions, while students earn exciting rewards and discover career opportunities with employers. Greymeter floats open challenges (technical, operation, marketing, social, finance, HR and design), helping corporates identify top talent based on their actual work samples and get innovative solutions for their business.

3. GuideTrip

GuideTrip is a community marketplace for people to list, explore and book unique travel experiences directly with knowledgeable and reliable local guides. The startup claims to offer travel experiences in more than 60 destinations and 15 countries.

4. Gigstart (India)

Gigstart is a marketplace that facilitates quick connections between entertainers and party planners. It’s a booking service where all the artists are verified and reviewed.

5. pxify (Taiwan)

pxify is building an ‘easy-to-use’ free graphic design program which integrates collaboration features so that a design team and its clients can work alongside one another.

6. WhatFix (India)

WhatFix is a SaaS customer engagement startup that helps business on board their customers seamlessly. The firm claims to provide interactive knowledge flow to enhance product adoption.

7. Wizen World (India)

Wizen World is a gaming startup that teaches math and science concepts to middle school students through engaging multi-player games. Students always love when teachers use stories and games to make learning fun: Wizen World is a cool math adventure game that tries to recreate that same experience.

8. Daily Rounds (India)

Daily Rounds is a mobile app learning platform for doctors to review clinical patient case studies. It’s a team of doctors, coders and designers from Bangalore, India with a firm belief that a case-based problem-solving approach can revolutionize medical education. It believes that such an approach can have direct impact on patient outcomes. It is a daily updated digital journal with clinical cases.

9. Cuztomise (India)

Cuztomise helps field service businesses reduce their operational costs through an app and web platform. Field services make up 70% of businesses worldwide and Cuztomise believes that by using technology, one could not only optimize field service businesses, but also save the planet by preventing the waste of energy and paper.

10. AirStream (India)

AirStream enables accessing files and streaming media from multiple computers and multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive through a single app on any mobile device. Most of our files and media are still stored in our computers but with AirStream, one can access all media and files from their computers and laptops on mobile devices.

11. Hashtago (Ukraine)

Hashtago develops core technology for hashtag mining, tracking, targeting and analytics for B2B solutions and customer-oriented services. With it, a user can take part in their favorite brand campaign, share the experience and get rewarded in return. The user can connect all accounts to earn points from every social media platform for using hashtags in the post.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel/Shutterstock

This post was originally published on e27

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