Too cool: Ambi Climate more than 300% funded on Kickstarter
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Hong Kong-based company Ambi Labs will be shipping the device and launching its companion app by June 2015


Hong Kong-based Ambi Labs launched a Kickstarter campaign last week for their new energy saving, indoor and outdoor temperature controlling device Ambi Climate with a modest goal of $25,000. In less than nine hours, the firm surpassed their target and today, with 31 days to go, the campaign is already more than 300% funded.

Ambi Climate is a smart, predictive climate control device that monitors both indoor and outdoor temperatures to maximize energy use, and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

“If we can reach $75,000, we will provide a web interface to supplement the companion app,” it wrote on its official Kickstarter campaign page, adding, “Now you can monitor your AC while at work, teach your kids how to use ‘Ambi Mode’ on the family iPad or show your mom how to access her Ambi Climate on her laptop.”

Furthermore, if the firm reaches $100,000, it will integrate Ambi Climate with IFTTT and provide an open API, it also wrote. This will allow further automation, and enable users to build what the company calls “your home of the future.”

The campaign so far has 509 backers, with only 250 specifying their location. Martin Kessler, Ambi Labs’ CMO, told e27 that out of these 250 location-identified backers, about 50% of them hail from Asia, 24% from North America, 9% from Australia, 8% from Europe, and 7% from the Gulf region.

This wasn’t their first try at crowdfunding

The device was first launched on Singapore-based Asian crowdfunding site Crowdtivate, which was developed and rolled out by telecom company StarHub. Its inaugural campaign on Crowdtivate was not terribly successful, with 98 funders generating $13,574. Its goal was set at $39,990.

“After a failed attempt at Crowdtivate, we went back to the drawing board and looked at things that worked and those that didn’t,” said Kessler. He reasoned that while Ambi Labs has a “strong community” behind Ambi Climate, most people still do not know about the product and the value proposition it offers. “To add fuel to the fire, with Crowdtivate, we went with a new and relatively unknown crowdfunding platform.”

After the Crowdtivate failure, the company improved its marketing materials to communicate a more polished value proposition. “All in all, we are glad we went with Crowdtivate first as it allowed us to refine our message in an almost isolated sandbox environment. After all, this is what startups are all about — learn, measure and build,” he said.

Next steps

Going forward, Ambi Labs, the Echelon 2014 People’s Choice Award winner, will be shipping Ambi Climate and launching its companion app by June 2015. Due to popular demand, backers who want to receive the device (which comes at a $50 retail discount) by June 2015 will have to pledge $99 or more. Those outside the U.S. will have to pay an extra $10 shipping fee.

At the moment, Ambi Labs has a team of 14: two hardware engineers, six workers in marketing, design, finance and business development, five in software engineering and machine learning, and one in office management.

This post was originally published on e27

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