SPOT: The new way to schedule appointments with your favorite professionals
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Photo Credit: SPOT

The Israeli app is looking to simplify scheduling with various professionals using a designated free app.

Photo Credit: SPOT

Photo Credit: SPOT

One of the main problems that stands before anyone who isn’t at home all day is appointment scheduling with professionals. It could be with your beautician who doesn’t operate her calendar well, your auto-mechanic who never seems to pick up their phone, or the lovely handyman who promised to paint your apartment over a month ago.

In an effort to make the scheduling process easier and more intuitive, for both us the clients and the service providing professionals, came to life the Israeli app SPOT. Let’s have have a closer look.

The development of the product was done by four people: Dannie Hetz, who is in charge of managing the product and company itself, Elad Zucker, in charge of product development and all technical aspects, Chen Mizrach, design & UX, and Gleb Khodunov, Front End developer.

Phoneless Scheduling

Imagine the following scenario: You just finished a great workout with your personal trainer but didn’t set a time for your next meeting. Now, you’ll have to chase them by phone or text in order to schedule a workout time that works for you both, which could lead to ping-pong communication between both sides. It’s not enough to stay pumped up and positive about your physical progress, now you have to bring this hassle to the equation.

By eliminating the phone mediator and making this whole scheduling process simple and swift, SPOT is set to become a type of appointment calendar focusing on professional scheduling only. All you have to do is send an invite to your beautician, handyman, babysitter or any professional who provides a 1 on 1 service and schedule your next appointment.

One of SPOT’s major advantages is that there’s no need to get the professional’s approval for the appointment (The app totally eliminates ping-pong communication). As soon as a service provider signs up as a professional, the app syncs with his and your calendars to find the perfect spot for your next appointment while keeping full confidentiality (no one will ever see anyone else’s calendar). In other words, calendars speaks instead of people. The client only chooses a day and time as he normally would (via phone) and if the request time isn’t available, the app would offer 3 alternative options based on the search criteria.

As you already guessed, in order to begin setting and scheduling appointments, both sides have to download the apps, and at this point there are two separate apps. The first, SPOT, is made for clients who want to contact the service providers. The second app, SPOT PRO, is designated for the professionals and can be used as their free personal assistant.

For clients, scheduling an appointment or meeting takes 3 clicks in a process that also shows the price of the service to clarify all transactions and wipe out any possible inconvenience after the appointment has been scheduled.

The professionals, aka the businesses, get more options starting from adding a photo, describing their business or company, adding an address (or specify if they come to you), setting specific working hours, and even managing their breaks between meetings (5-150minutes).

Furthermore, the professionals could define the type of service they give (individual workout, purifying facial, counseling session, etc.), its duration, and of course, the cost. Besides all the basic info, professional users can add detailed information and add as many services as they’d like. Lastly, the Pros could set their canceling policy starting from one hour to 72 hours prior to set appointments.

Additionally, any pro can see their client’s info, reject or cancel any meeting, and contact them easily. In an effort to accommodate for less “tech savvy” users, the invitation can be done via SMS containing the link to download the appropriate app.

With that, the professional setup process may become a tiny bit complicated so be aware that you may need to help your pros with the initial setup. You may also become the “Go-To” contacts for any question or problem that may pop up.

Still Different

At this point you may be wondering the obvious question: What is the difference between SPOT and the dozens other time managing apps in the market, or even between the standard mobile calendar on your phone. The difference is in design and usability, the key aspect of 1 on 1 professionals allowing transparency about price and service. Besides that, there isn’t a huge difference and it depends how comfortable you are using current products. If you’re not using any or looking for an alternative, SPOT might be it as it is beyond user friendly and brings together all of your professionals into one place (unlike designated apps for each and every market which could be taxing and just take up room on your smartphone).

Dannie Hetz explains that “the major difference between SPOT and other apps is the focus on the client. The client decides who they want to invite to SPOT PRO because the whole idea started from people who are clients who just got tired of chasing their service providers. The app is very flexible and open to all types of service providers and professionals.” Dannie, for example, uses it to schedule her business meetings.

The app is now available in open beta – download now and influence the product

The app is still going through its early stages and can be slow at some sections with a limited amount of professionals, SPOT may attract a new world of professionals, not just in the car/cosmetic/fitness areas but also in design, counseling, and even smart home engineering. It may open the gates for many people who can become professionals without it being their main line of work (like tutors, mentoring, babysitting, ect.).

The app is now in open beta form and the team would very much like to hear any feedbacks from clients and professionals alike in an effort to improve the next versions. You are more than welcome to download the app, try it, and write them at: [email protected]

Download SPOT for iOS

Download SPOT for Android

Video: This is how SPOT works

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