Rockstart energizing Europe’s smart energy sector
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Europes first smart energy accelerator wrapped things in a demo day that saw some big partnerships and offers being tossed around


Last weekend was witness to the culmination of Rockstart Smart Energy, Europe’s very first smart energy accelerator program. The Amsterdam based accelerator has been around since 2012 offering startups funding and workspace, and accelerating some 40 startups to date – mostly in the areas of Web and mobile. This is Rockstart’s first crack at smart energy and they’re hoping the move will only help (or at least not hurt) their – 70% of companies securing funding – success rate.

Carrying the bulk of this performance pressure are nine startups, each offering a unique perspective on alternatives and energy efficiency, while being uniform in their search for those universal forms of startup green energy; deal flow and VC funding. Recent announcements by several of the companies seem to indicate that markets and investors are all pretty charged up by this first crop of companies.    

The startups

We Share Solar – crowdfunding for solar power, WeShareSolar connects users who cannot afford to have solar panels installed to neighboring big property owners (like schools, hospitals, stadiums) who can. Think of those pesky neighbors stealing your cable and then overlay that thought with permission and altruistic environmental intentions. WeShareSolar just announced a partnership with the Ajax stadium (Amsterdam Arena), a deal involving the installation of 561 solar panels in total.

Dreamups (Moldova) is a management and analytics collaboration platform for engineers making collaboration on cutting edge technologies (for ex. 3D printing, alternative energy, robotics or space engineering, etc.) a far easier prospect.

The City Game (Greece) is an app that gamiafies environmental consciousness and friendly behavior. the company has raised 40k and is planning its first launch in Athens the upcoming months.

Power-Tags (Israel) uses wearables and tracking technology to monitor the health and safety of the elderly. Using pattern recognition and algorithmic intelligence Power-Tags is targeting a market that’s expected to explode over the next few years and has remained largely overlooked by the hi-tech sector.

Bundles (Netherlands) is a pay-per-use solution for appliances that allows people to lease high quality household appliances at near-retail costs. Bundles has formulated partnership with Miele, Onzo and UppEnergy and has already secured several paying customers.

Qwiksense (Netherlands) a smart, green energy monitoring platform, Qwiksense analyzes work environments using sensors and devices that track CO2 levels, temperature, dust, humidity and other relevant factors. Data findings are used to drive relevant suggestions for improving the environment and saving on energy costs.

MiniPower (Netherlands) takes used wind turbines from major projects in the Netherlands and Germany, and refurbishes them for use in smaller wind parks found in countries such as Greece, Turkey and Croatia. What can be more energy conscious than recycling used parts of a green energy project.

GiveO2 (Chile) is an active health and wellness app that tracks and measures physical activity while encouraging its users (mostly employees) to move more.

CareToSave (Ukraine, Norway) is an educational company focusing on energy conservation. Their main product is a toy polar bear which changes color depending on the amount of energy that’s being used in the home. The app is based on the storybook series it comes with, named “Bobo’s Journey”. The whole package (Bobo, book and app) can now be pre-ordered.


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  • Hey Avi, thanks for the mention.
    Dreamups is actually a dutch company, just one of the founder is from Moldova. A better way to describe Dreamups is by saying – it’s a for hardware engineers.