The 100 Most-Wanted speakers at tech conferences
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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Factor in data from 3,000 conferences, in depth popularity metrics from social media insights and search engine results, plus a dedicated survey of event organizers – This is what you get

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Stephanie BrennerBy Stephanie Brenner

At Bizzabo, we live and breathe conferences. We know it is always a challenge to find great speakers, so we came up with a list of the most wanted speakers at tech conferences (we promise to list speakers at other industries in the near future). How did we come up with this list? We dug into our database of more than 3,000 conferences (including hundreds of tech events), compared our speaker popularity metrics with social media insights and search engine results (number of followers, number of appearances in search results) and of course – asked event organizers for their dream team of speakers. Some names might be surprising! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is an impartial list based on data compiled from tech conferences. It does not in any way represent the views espoused by Bizzabo as a company or as individuals. Needless to say that we hope to see more women and minorities play a major role in the tech industry in general and as event speakers in particular.


1. Tim Cook @tim_cook

CEO, Apple


2. Jeff Weiner @jeffweiner

CEO, Linkedin


3. Mark Zuckerberg @finkd

Founder & CEO, Facebook



4. Tony Hawk @TonyHawk

Professional Skateboarder


5. Satya Nadella @microsoft

Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft


6. Richard Branson @richardbranson

Founder, Virgin Group


7. Elon Musk @elonmusk

Founder, Space X & Paypal


8. Eric Schmidt @ericschmidt

Executive Chairman, Google


9. Marc Andreesen @pmarca_blog

Co-Founder, Andreessen Horowitz


10. Kevin Rose @kevinrose

General Partner, Google Ventures


11. Marissa Mayer @marissamayer

CEO of Yahoo!


12. Peter Thiel @peterthiel

Entrepreneur and Investor, Paypal


13. Mark Cuban @mcuban

Serial Entrepreneur


14. Matt Mullenweg @photomatt

Founder, WordPress


15. David Karp @davidkarp

Entrepreneur & Web Developer, Tumblr


16. Mark Suster @upfrontvc

Entrepreneur & Investor, Upfront Ventures

imageedit_315_2442640822 17. Dick Costolo @dickcCEO, Twitter
imageedit_317_8175064761 18. Ben Horowitz @bhorowitzCo-Founder, Andreesen Horowitz

19. Sheryl Sandberg @sherylsandberg

Chief Operating Officer, Facebook


20. Brian Solis @briansolis

Principal, Altimeter Group


21. Eric Ries @ericries

Founder, Lean Startup methodology

imageedit_321_6204464126 22. Mark Benioff @marc_sfdcFounder & CEO, Salesforce
 imageedit_323_8220800533 23. Reid Hoffman @reidhoffmanCo-founder, LinkedIn
 imageedit_325_5555022738 24. Jack Dorsey @jackCo-Founder, Twitter
 imageedit_327_3809955243 25. Steve Blank @sgblankSerial-Entrepreneur, Lean Startup Movement

26.Kara Swisher @karaswisher

Co-Executive Editor, Re/Code


27. Meg Whitman @megwhitman

CEO, Hewlett-Packard


28. Ashton Kutcher @aplusk

Tech Investory & Co-Founder, Katalust


29. Jeremiah Owyang @jowyang

Chief Catalyst & Founder, Crowd Companies


30. Paul Graham @paulg

Co-founder, Y Combinator


31. Michael Acton Smith @acton

Founder & Creative Director, Mind Candy

 imageedit_68_3353747222  32. Dave McClure @davemcclureFounder, 500startups

33. Charles Huang @greenthrottle

VP, Blackstone

imageedit_141_3877529043  34. Robert Scoble @scobleizerBlogger, Technical Evangelist, and Author

35. Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee

CEO, Vaynermedia


36. Tim Armstrong @aol



37. John Donahoe @Donahoe_John

CEO, Ebay Inc.


38. Sarah Lacy @sarahcuda

Founder, CEO and Editor-in-Chief,


39. Jonah Peretti @peretti

Founder & CEO, Buzzfeed


40. Yves Behar @yvesbehar

Founder Chief Designer fuseproject


41. Dennis Crowley @dens

Co-founder, foursquare


42. Geoff Keighley @geoffkeighley

TV Host & Journalist


43. David Carr @nytimes

Journalist, New York Times


44. David Sacks @DavidSacks

Founder, Yammer

imageedit_337_2395225901 45. Drew HoustonFounder & CEO, Dropbox @drewhouston

46. Tony Conrad @tonysphere

Co-Founder, & Sphere


47. Mike Butcher @mikebutcher

Editor-at-Large, TechCrunch


48. John Smedley @j_smedley

President, Sony Online Entertainment


49. Ryan Holmes @Hootsuite

Founder-CEO, Hootsuite


50. Aaron Levie @levie

CEO, Box

imageedit_174_3259912621  51. Pat Gelsinger @VMware           Chief Executive Officer of VMware

52. Werner Vogels @Werner

CTO, Amazon


53. Alexia Tsotsis @alexia

Co-Editor, TechCrunch


54. Martin Bryant @MartinSFP

Editor- in -Chief, Next Web


55. Patrick Lee @rottendoubt

Co-Founder & Former CEO , Rotten Tomatoes

imageedit_186_9782208863 56. Niklas Zennstrom @atomicoventuresEntrepreneur, Skype & Kazaa

57. Michael Sippey @sippey

Advisor, Twitter


58. Jeremy Stoppleman @jeremys

CEO, Yelp

imageedit_196_7879228629  59. Julie Uhrman @juhrmanFounder, OUYA

60. Padmasree Warrior @Padmasree

CTO, Cisco


61. David Rowan @iRowan

Editor, Wired


62. Scott Belsky @scottbelsky

VP of Products, Adobe


63.  Naval Ravikant @naval

Co-Founder, AngeList

imageedit_203_2784104857  64. Michael Jackson @overdrevCo-founder and CEO of Mangrove

65. Adam Braun @adambraun

Founder, Pencils of Promise 


66. Matthew Prince @eastdakota

Co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare


67. Shervin Pishevar @sherpa

Co-Founder & CEO of Sherpa Global


68. Gina Bianchini @ginab

Founder & CEO, Mightybell


69. Jeff Clavier @jeff

Founder, SofTech VC


70. Chamath Palihapitiya @chamath

Venture Capitalist, Playdom & Bumptop


71. Adeo Ressi @adeoressi

Founder & CEO of The Founder Institute


72. Ben Rooney @benjrooney

Co-Editor in Chief, Informilo


73. Bing Gordon @bingfish

General Partner, KPCB


74. Caroline Hyde @CarolineHydeTV

Reporter, BloombergTV


75. Ashwin Navin @ashwinnavin

Co-Founder & CEO, Samba TV


76. Jon Oringer @jonoringer

Founder & CEO, Shutterstock

 imageedit_238_9354641765  77. Christy Wyatt @christywyattPresident & CEO, Good Technology

78. Sam Shank @samshank

Entrepreneur and Investor, Hotel Tonight


79. Keith Teare @Kteare

Entrepreneur & Founder,


80. Patrick Collison @patrickc

Co-Founder & CEO, Stripe


81. Cyan Banister @cyantist



82. Porter Gale @portergale

Author, Your Network Is Your Net Worth


83. Brendan Iribe @brendaniribe

CEO, Oculus   


84. Jennifer Hyman @Jenn_RTR

Co-Founder & CEO, Rent The Runway


85. Jay Bregman @jaybregman

Founder & CEO, Hailo

imageedit_262_7873066101  86. Katia Beauchamp @katiawbCo-Founder & CEO, Birchbox

87. Peter Fredell @seamless

CEO, Seamless


88. Peter Arvai @Peterarvai

Founder & CEO, Prezi


89. Joshua Reeves @joshuareeves

Co-Founder & CEO, ZenPayroll


90. Jeffrey Lu @Jiffylu

CEO and co-founder of Daily Aisle


91. Gentry Underwood @gentry

Co- Founder & CEO , Mailbox (Now Dropbos)


92. Jimmy Maymann @maymann

CEO, Huffington Post


93. Mikkel Svane @mikkelsvane

CEO of Zendesk


94. Glenn Fogel @glennfogel

Head of Worldwide Strategy and Planning, The Priceline Group

imageedit_288_2472266778  95. Vijay Sankaran @vijaysankaranChief Technology Director, Ford

96. Stephen Master @stephenmaster13

SVP – Global Head of Sports Practice, The Nielsen Company


97. Lew Cirne @sweetlew

Chief Data Nerd, New Relic

 imageedit_294_9172041784  98. Adrian Cockcroft @adriancoTechnology Fellow, Battery Ventures

99. Kristian Segerstrale @ksegerstrale

Co-Founder, Playfish

 imageedit_298_2371632453 100. Kate Matsudaira @KatematsFounder, Popforms

Well, there you have it – 100 of the most wanted speakers in the tech industry! Adding any of these tech pros to your roster is sure to spice up any conference.  We may have missed some awesome speakers, so feel free to leave a suggestion in a comment below.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/ Police Lineup

This post was originally published on the Bizzabo blog

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    Seems like this list is a bunch of CEOs of tech platforms – but what about marketers at agencies and large companies that are enabling the venue for these very platforms to continue funding and sparking innovation. People like Gary Vaynerchuk, and Bonin Bough…