Free movie service Popcorn Time is available for download again
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Photo Credit: PR

After last week it was launched and closed due to movie studios, but it rose again and this time it seems that is not going to disappear anywhere

Image Credit: Screenshot

Image Credit: Screenshot

One of the things we love most in the open source community is that it never gives up – and it proves itself time and again. After the service Popcorn Time was launched with much fanfare and closed abruptly after only a few days – it turns out that the torrent site Yify, which provided up to date sources for movies, decided to jump at the chance to take on product development, also under the open code available through GitHub .

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Great comeback of the pirate Netflix

As mentioned, the app allows users of Popcorn Time watch movies based on Yify, which torrents with extremely high quality (720p/1080p). The app uses a visual interface and intuitive user experience particularly suited to people who do not have technological knowledge.

The application was circulated initially by a group of developers led by an Argentine designer named Sebastian. With plenty of help from the open source community of developers, the app was launched, and already won the nickname the Netflix pirate. The app allows the audience a very friendly and easily way to view  every film in quality HD, including with translations.

It was not long then until the application, which allows for the watching of hundreds of movies free in seconds, aroused the ire of the major studios. It also posed the question of copyright laws. Threatening letters began to flow into the offices of the founders, who decided not to take the risk and shutdown the service . Many media outlets have given up, but it turns out that the story is far from over.The project's new GitHub Popcorn Time.  Image Credit: Screenshot

The project’s new GitHub Popcorn Time. Image Credit: Screenshot

Battle winners advance the well-known

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the open source community is far from giving up. The crazy hype the service received in international media has caught the eyes of many, and it was decided that Yify was the natural heir to continue the work of the Argentinean company.

In less than two days Popcorn time has already launched two versions, first, in beta, with version number 0.2.7 and it works fine. The new version uses the API of to get information and additional metadata about the films and the UX, which works as well as the first beta version as a result of the changes made to the original project at the last minute, back to the UX we all know and love.

However, there may be a number of bugs, mainly related to the interface, stability, and translation of the films. As written in the GitHub project, it is opens for further development of the application and you are welcome to report any problem that you encounter and contribute to the development yourself, by signing the following link. Meanwhile, you can download (again) Popcorn Time at the following links, depending on the operating system you’re running. To read more, you can even check how to stream these movies to Donegal the Chromecast of Google, if you own one of these.

Now, it seems that the efforts of the movie studios will focus on Yify, but we have a feeling that Yify does not really care about them.

Download the Popcorn Time for Windows

Download the Popcorn Time for Mac OSX

Download the Popcorn Time for Linux x86

Download the Popcorn Time for Linux x64

Image Credit: Screenshot


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