Origami Logic raises $15M

Photo Credit: PR
Photo Credit: PR

Israeli startup Origami Logic, a developer of Marketing Intelligence solutions announced today (Wednesday) that it has completed $15M B round bringing the total investment in the company to $24.3M. The round was led by venture capital Jafco Ventures, an investment fund located in Palo Alto, with participation from existing investors Accel Partners and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Jeb Miller, partner at Jafco will be joining Origami Logic’s board as part of the funding deal. This funding completes the first round we reported on in November of 2012 from when Origami Logic picked up their first $9.3M.

The company develops analytics platforms designed to give marketers access to extensive data in a simple and practical format, tailored to their particular needs. The new funding will be used to increase the R&D, marketing and sales efforts of the company.

Informed decisions in marketing

Origami’s solution is not intended to compete with other solutions or methodologies for managing advertising campaigns but rather complements them and provides them with the surgical tools and information needed by marketing people within an organization to carry out such campaigns with the utmost efficacy. In an interview with CEO Ofer Kahane, he explained that, “Modern marketers need to make critical decisions daily, including inside rating analysis and customer touch points in cellular, Internet search and display e-mail.

“As part of operating in a field whose goal is to change customer purchasing behavior, many marketers are faced with an incredible amount of data making it difficult for them to see the big picture. Origami constitutes the lens that coordinates all the data and displays it in a sensible and effective format for marketing and sales. With Origami’s help drawing conclusions and insights for campaigns becomes that much easier.”

Army buddies

Origami Logic was founded in 2011 by Ofer Kahane, Ofer Shaked and Alon Amit. The Company’s operations center is situated in Menlo Park, California. The three founders are not from the high-tech scene but rather met and started working together during their tour of military service were they were responsible for planning transport and overseeing the development of information systems that competed with scattered data analysis capabilities from different areas.

Kahane founded and ran the company ClassX, which merged with VocalTec. He then founded Kagoor Networks which specialized VolP technology and was acquired by Juniper Networks. Shaked founded and ran the company FareChase, acquired by the search giant Yahoo and became Yahoo Travel. He then built and ran the engine Yahoo Answers. Amit came to the company after working on projects at Google and Facebook where he was responsible for systems Backend search ads on Google and Facebook’s advertising system.


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