Asians spending on games more than Europeans: Distimo report
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Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Asia spends more on games than Europe, a report by Distimo, an app analytics company, suggests. 94% of revenue generated on Google Play in Korea was from games


Distimo, a US-based app analytics company, yesterday published its September 2013 report, detailing new trends and insights into the gaming industry.

Titled ‘Games: King of the mobile eco-system’, the report reveals that 48 percent of all apps in the Top Overall category were games, and those apps generated 92 percent of the total revenue for Google Play. Additionally, for the iOS App Store, 52 percent of all apps in the Top Overall category were games, and generated 79 percent of revenue.

Here are more major findings, according to the Distimo September 2013 report.

  1. Revenue shares of games on both iOS and Google Play have shot up 13 percent-points, as compared to the same time period last year.
  2. 94 percent of revenue generated on Google Play in Korea were from games.
  3. As for iOS App Store, the largest revenue share — 84 percent — from games was generated in Taiwan.
  4. In the Amazon Appstore, 63 percent of all downloads were generated by games.
  5. Role-playing games (RPGs) had the largest share of the revenue in the All Games category: 14 percent in the Apple App Store.
  6. Game of War – Fire Age by Machine Zone, Inc was the most popular app in this category in September 2013.
  7. Games were the most downloaded apps on both iPhone and iPad. On iPhone, 33% of all downloads were games. For iPad, this portion was even higher at 48 percent.

Taiwan seems to be doing really well, in terms of game apps, as 89 percent of the total revenue in Google Play for the market was generated by that particular industry.

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Distimo’s analyst, Tiuri van Agten, writes, “Paid content was banned on Google Play in Taiwan for a long time. The consumers’ protection laws demanded a 7-day trial period, while Google only offered a 15-minute trial period. In early 2013, this ban was lifted and paid content became available on Google Play in Taiwan.”

The report concluds that Asian countries have a higher revenue share for games, compared to their European counterparts.


In terms of genres, Distimo’s report notes that the top five categories for iOS App Store, in terms of how lucrative they are, are: Roleplaying; Strategy; Action; Simulation; and Adventure.

Google Play’s top five categories in revenue generation are: Arcade & Action; Casual; Brain & Puzzle; Cards & Casino; and Sports Games.

However, there are cases where an app can fall under multiple categories in the iOS App Store. One example would be Mojang’s Minecraft – Pocket Edition, which was well-received in both the Simulation and Adventure categories.

Featured Image Credit: violetblue / Shutterstock

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