Robo shopping cart, robotic hands and energy efficient air conditioning
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Graduating student projects of Israeli engineering school – On the cutting edge of future innovation

Shamoon College of Engineering is a breeding ground for top Israeli minds in engineering and its various sub-fields. Recently, the college held its annual demo day for the closing projects of graduating students. Among the various innovations presented by the electrical and mechanical engineering classes were a variety of interesting projects with significant potential for real world applications.

Here are some that caught our attention:

Mobile Cart

While at the supermarket your shopping cart becomes your main concern. Part of you would like to leave it at the head of an aisle unattended for a few moments while you run off to grab a few quick items, while another part of you is always afraid to leave it alone where some worker or other shopper might presume it abandoned and move it around or empty it of its contents.

A pair of students, Avisaf Yechezkel and Elad David found a workable solution: ElectroCart – the electro-mechanical shopping cart was designed to solve these issues by way of an internal program that has the cart follow the buyer at a predetermined distance.

The cart comes with two rear wheels and one front wheel. The engine uses a typical 12V battery for each rear-wheel and uses RFID and IR sensors for tracking and gauging distance. While it’s true this is only a prototype, it does offer proof of concept. Now they only need to figure out how supermarkets can keep the carts from being stolen.

Robotic hand

One of the most challenging undertakings of the medical robotics and prosthetics industry has been the attempt to create a robotic hand with all the complex functionality contained in the human hand. Another group of students; Liron Aaron and Peretz Alexei design and built a humanoid robot hand that comes about as close as any other model has gotten.

The two saw the need of robotics capable of performing diverse and delicate operations as well as the need for a more comprehensive form of prostheses that comes as close as possible to the original. With regard to design, their robotic hand’s anatomy is similar to a human hand in many ways, including the number of joints, vertebrae, fingers and degrees of freedom.

The hand can perform six basic grips; side grip, hook, end to end, cylinder, ball and holding a spoon. The hand as well, does not require constant maintenance such as oiling, greasing and the like. The functionality, low costs and simple control system are some of the impressive feats achieved by this project.

Recycled air conditioning

The underlying objective of this project by Yaron Cohen is to improve and optimize split air conditioning systems for home use. The principle behind the system is to raise the condensed heat transfer to the environment, reducing the compressor operation. This operation is carried out through the draining of accumulated moisture on the evaporator to be reused as cold water mist on the condenser.

The construction process consisted of several steps and plenty of testing but the resulting prototype is proof positive that the system does work.The results showed a 15% increase in energy efficiency of the compressor operation, which alone justifies the continued develop of this product.

Image source: Shutterstock .


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