EntrepreneurshipJan 02, 2017

2016 Israeli entrepreneur profile – a 36 year-old Tel Aviv University graduate

With the help of our data unit, we went over all the prominent startups in the past year and compiled a profile of the 2016 entrepreneur

EventsNov 22, 2016

AIdoc wins first place at Geektime’s Techfest startup competition

This startup beat out the competition with their medical scan analyzing platform

M&ASep 08, 2016
Photo credit: Danita Delimont / Getty Images Israel

8 exits, dozens of rounds: where the money went in Israel in August 2016

For those who did not manage to follow what happened last month, Geektime has collected all the investments, acquisitions, and financing rounds on the Israeli startup [Read More...]

FundingAug 08, 2016
Kaltura's executive team. Photo credit: PR

Goldman Sachs brings the muscle with $50 million investment in Israel’s Kaltura

The round did not include follow-on investments from current investors, but the company says the Sachs round is a prelude to an IPO

EventsJan 26, 2015

And the Geek Award goes to…

Fifty thousand readers of Geektime’s Hebrew site voted on the best startups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in the country. In addition, a panel of 21 expert [Read More...]

InternetFeb 12, 2014

$47M brings southern comfort to Kaltura, specifically South America and South East Asia

Set for major new and emerging market expansion, Kaltura is one of the few digital media technology companies taking the Enterprise and Education market seriously

ITOct 24, 2013

Israeli Qlika raises $1.7M

Israeli startup Qlika, which began in the Upwest Labs accelerator program, announced the closing of its first VC round