IndustryAug 18, 2016

Who were the leading investors in Israeli hi-tech during H1 of 2016?

These are the investors and VCs that had the greatest impact on Israel's tech scene since the start of the year

EntrepreneurshipJun 02, 2016
Team Oribi, with Iris Shoor on the right. Photo credit: Oribi

Israeli serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor’s Oribi raises $5.4 million

The startup’s technology will allow companies of all sizes to enjoy the business intelligence tools of large corporations

DevelopmentApr 20, 2016
Photo credit: Geektime

Israeli Takipi raises $15M to uncover flaws in your code quickly

This company’s technology lets developers discover and fix problems in their code in minutes, not days. This round brings them to $22M in total funding

EntrepreneurshipOct 21, 2015
How do you hire the best talent in Israel panel at the Geektime Conference. Photo Credit: Nimrod Saunders

GTC2015: Your early hires should be your best, so start networking

Geektime Conference 2015 roundtable on startup recruitment runs the gauntlet of hot issues and gives sound advice for companies struggling to bring people in

EventsJan 07, 2014

And the Geeky goes to…

The year ending 2013 Geek Award winners

IndustryDec 11, 2013

Geektime’s 2013 Select Startup Marketers of the Year

Geektime is singling out startup professionals in Israel’s high-tech scene for some standout recognition. These are the Marketers we’ve selected for reasons depicted [Read More...]

ITDec 04, 2013

Israel based Takipi raises $4.5M from traditionally Israel shy US VC, Menlo Ventures

An Israeli IT startup has come up with a new way to build backend server networks with an extremely simplified debugging process

EventsOct 07, 2013

Geektime Conference 2013

Come next week, Oct. 14th, Geektime Conference 2013 - the largest international startup conference in Israel - will commence at the Tel Aviv port. I could remind you not [Read More...]

EntrepreneurshipSep 11, 2013

Reverse Engineering Marketing : Where Do Other Sites Get Their Traffic?

Where do most sites get their traffic come from? How much is paid traffic? What type of content works best for them?