MediaFeb 07, 2016
Photo credit: Thomas Bächinger / Creative Commons

Can virtual reality save Shanghai’s cultural heritage?

Aunties chattering rapidly in Shanghainese, a man selling fish on a bright blue tarp, another vendor selling live pigeons. Can VR save this?

MediaFeb 02, 2016
A shot of Magic Leap technology. Photo credit: Magic Leap / YouTube

Magic Leap may have raised the biggest Series C of all time

Even rounds like Uber’s Series C pale in comparison to this deal. What does Magic Leap have up their sleeve?

MediaFeb 02, 2016
Photo credit: The Democratic Front Row / YouTube

Sweden’s Fashion Week puts youth in the front row with virtual reality

Will a Swedish designer's use of Google Cardboard break open the world of fashion to the masses?

GamingJan 05, 2016
Photo Credit: BagoGames / Flickr

Will Oculus Rift go boom or bust when it goes on sale?

With the first major VR headset available for pre-order on January 6, here's what you need to know before you buy

ConsumerDec 25, 2015

China’s Netflix launches VR headset for $23

Letv will launch the LeVR COOL1, which they call a "virtual private theater" on December 29.

ConsumerOct 15, 2015
The new PowerUp FPV, a paper drone with live streaming video. Photo Credit: PR

PowerUp Toys lets drone pilots feel like they’re flying

Their new PowerUp FPV combines drone technology and Google Cardboard to make users feel like Superman

IndustryOct 03, 2015

Ascape VR lets you ‘teleport’ anywhere, anytime

The founders of Ascape VR talk about the company’s vision, their predictions on how Asians will be the earliest adopters of cinematic VR and more.

HardwareMar 27, 2015

China is warming up to VR, but big tech firms have yet to make a move

China needs at least a few brave – and preferably well-funded – companies to break the cycle and kickstart its VR market. If someone in China doesn’t step up soon, [Read More...]