eCommerceFeb 25, 2016
Photo credit: AppCard

AppCard raises $20M Series B to revolutionize customer loyalty

Striking the balance with customer loyalty programs so they achieve more sales without annoying the user is not easy. Refreshingly, AppCard seems to deliver

SecurityFeb 23, 2016
Team8 leaders. Photo credit: PR

Israeli Team8 raises $23M to build top tier global cyber security syndicate

Lead by co-founders Nadav Zafrir, Israel Grimberg, and Liran Grinberg, Team8 takes a new approach to tackling the challenges of cyber space

IndustrySep 20, 2015
Shanghai, China cityscape. Photo Credit: Sean Pavone/ Shutterstock.

Silicon Valley spends money on people, Asia spends it on marketing

A look at what Silicon Valley and the Asian startups choose to invest in is indicative of the nature of these different tech ecosystems.

SecurityJun 09, 2015

Team8’s illusive networks raises $5 million to trap attackers in the act

Newly launched illusive networks uses stealth and deception to force cyber attackers to reveal themselves - and prevent big attacks in the process

NewsMar 24, 2015

Dynamic content marketer Keywee picks up $9.1M in Series A funding

With major U.S. backers, including the New York Times and Eric Schmidt, expect to see massive scaling up from the Tel Aviv content whizzes. Still, could it tackle [Read More...]

IndustryFeb 04, 2015

The elephant in the boom: Is India the world’s next startup nation?

India’s high-tech industry believes it’s on the cusp of a “hyper-growth inflection point.” Meanwhile, half the country lacks access to toilets.

Big DataSep 29, 2014

Datorama picks up $15M to convince you to do better

Datorama announced today the raising of a $15M Series B funding round by Marker LLC, Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors and Cedar Fund

Venture CapitalJun 22, 2014

Dynamic Yield raises $12M to grow its personalized ad platform internationally

The Israeli company, which developed a real-time website optimization and personalization platform, gets an investment and will open a new office in Germany

EntrepreneurshipMar 19, 2014

The 100 Most-Wanted speakers at tech conferences

Factor in data from 3,000 conferences, in depth popularity metrics from social media insights and search engine results, plus a dedicated survey of event organizers - [Read More...]

ITJan 21, 2014

Aorato raises $10M to protect organizations from within

Aorato offers a solution that monitors, analyzes and blocks suspicious behavior in organizations. Now they’re launching their solution and announcing the completion of [Read More...]

InternetMay 12, 2013

HealthTap gets $24M booster shot

Uncomfortable with a diagnosis? How about 38K second opinions