FinTechJun 06, 2017
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What cryptocurrencies are showing us about the future of business

Bitcoin and others are calling fundamental aspects of business into question

eCommerceMay 11, 2017

What Are the Latest Trends in Mobile Payments?

Things are moving so swiftly that it’s often challenging to keep up, but here are a few of the latest trends in mobile payments

FinTechMar 29, 2017

10 ways how blockchain will change your life

Starting to gain traction in the mainstream, this technology has a lot of far-reaching potential

FinTechFeb 24, 2017
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Bitcoin’s exchange rate reaches a new all time high

What is pushing the cryptocurrency to new levels? The answer may be more complicated than you realize

FinTechJan 22, 2017

AurumCoin: The curious case of the gold-backed digital currency Indiegogo campaign that wasn’t

This is how to tell when a crowdfunding campaign is too good to be true, spotting the scammers early and getting them shut down

FinTechOct 10, 2016
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Ahead of Diwali, India bitcoin startups Unocoin, Zebpay and Coinsecure mine new investments

With the highest remittance rate in the world, India might have a perfect storm of expertise and demand to become a strong hub for bitcoin and blockchain

GamingAug 11, 2016

One small step for blockchain, one giant IoT leap for the Isle of Man

Shifting from tax haven to bitcoin trading hub, the blockchain might push the Isle toward IoT innovation as the island launches a pilot project with startup Credits

FinTechJul 11, 2016
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Once every four years: the summer olympics and Bitcoin halving

This was a big event for the Bitcoin community, raising questions on the state of the cryptocurrency over the next few years

FinTechJun 23, 2016

Israeli Blockchain Colu mines $9.6M in Series A

This startup believes digital currencies can help to change community behavior, making them stronger

FinTechMay 31, 2016
Hype vs. reality: Discussing the future of blockchain. Photo Credit: Nitzan Shiri / Deloitte

Is blockchain the next big thing? These Israeli fintech leaders seem to think so

Will banks start embracing Bitcoin? According to Israeli banking and financial technology experts, could be

DevelopmentMay 02, 2016

Doubts surface again as Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright admits he created Bitcoin

Following years of mystery, we may finally have some insight into the man who came up with the digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin

FinTechMar 21, 2016

London blockchain intel startup Elliptic scores $5 million

Emphasizing the importance of blockchain intelligence in money transactions and picking up on a burgeoning financial forensics industry, the company seems set to go far

ScienceDec 17, 2015

Technion scientist’s breathalyzer can diagnose early-stage cancer

The SNIFFPHONE won recognition last week among Nominet's 100 most impactful innovations in the world