Apr 05, 2017

Moovit opens up their API to stream data on public transportation

Is this Israeli startup looking to take on Google Maps with their first step into wider integration?

Apr 02, 2017

This is why autonomous vehicles will live or die on getting driver behavior right

Artificial intelligence and adaptability—not just automation—need to be key components in the design and functionality of autonomous vehicles

Mar 27, 2017

Israeli startup gets $30 million to build connected car chips as Microsoft and Intel battle for dominance

Autotalks is one of the biggest players in the industry you haven't heard of — yet

Mar 15, 2017

New Uber science chief Zoubin Ghahramani faces daunting task as company IP is under scrutiny

Mar 13, 2017
Image credit: Mobileye

Intel buys Mobileye for reported $15 billion in massive self-driving car coup

Mar 06, 2017

Forget Uber: How Lyft can win raising another $500 million for self-driving cars

Uber hogs the spotlight and doomsayers have been prophesying the end of Lyft for months, but these past two weeks may have changed everything

Mar 05, 2017

Massachusetts plans to tax self-driving ‘zombie cars’ might not jive with industry

Lawmakers want the cars to be clean-energy and not taking up space on the streets, but another state law could create confusion among autonomous car makers and service [Read More...]

Mar 05, 2017
Google's prototype self-driving car. Photo credit: Google

Are connected cars the next bubble in Israel?

Israeli startups are diving in head first into the connected car sector. Since when does Israel make cars?