Saturday, February 22, 2020
With a house call from Hugh Laurie leading the parade, entertainment's top producers and digital managers converged to talk to the future of TV
Tandem's video-calling-and-chat app is finally bringing the foreign pen pal concept into the digital age with over 100 tongues and 11 sign languages
Musk is going forward with digging a giant freaking hole under SpaceX, possibly his own personal traffic tunnel
If you're looking to divorce your website from the 'You Might Also Like' bar at the bottom of the page, this embedded feature might be the content marketer's ticket to internal link heaven
It would be the first big move by Snapchat in Israel, as well as its ninth acquisition
But here's why it has a long way to go
Do you feel like playing Pac-Man or Space Invaders against your friends? Now it’s as easy as sending a message when you do it in Facebook Messenger
Growing evidence based on cases of Russian disinformation throughout Europe motivated us to look into potential Russian backing of this year's fake US news
Wochit has negotiated agreements with nearly a dozen content providers to create videos almost automatically but letting anyone to learn to video-edit quickly
It looks like messaging apps and filters aren’t enough for this young company. In addition to its announcement of glasses connected to Snapchat content sharing, it has also changed its name from Snapchat to Snap Inc, and is rebranding itself as essentially a photography company