Saturday, February 22, 2020
Verizon is still worried about the legal repercussions the data breaches may have, especially financial liability
Intel, Palo Alto Networks, and Cisco are founding members of the cyber security organization
This would be Huawei's second acquisition of an Israeli company in three weeks
The company sells a real-time visualization of software activity within a given company's computer network
A new previously unknown device is enabling thieves to enter vehicles, start them, and get away in seconds
Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Poland and Hungary are backing new laws that allow police across the continent better access to private data as France, Germany, and the UK grapple with balance of privacy and security
CyBellum’s solution provides end-to-end protection, from the internal network to the organization’s cloud. They can detect breaches and block the attack in its initial stage, all before the attacker penetrates the system
NanoLock Security is developing technology to protect currently unprotected IoT devices, so that they are not used for the next botnet attack, and you will not be easy prey for attackers
Biometric authentication is advancing quickly, with talk about new methods in the works to restrict and permit access to devices and accounts
nanoPay operates a 'digital version' of the Canadian dollar originally created by the Royal Canadian Bank