Mar 21, 2017

3 drones commissioned by the Department of Defense you should know about

More than just Predators and Hellfires, the US military is developing drone programs that are changing the future of defense

Mar 13, 2017

Reflecting on AI’s biggest challenges for society in 2017

Students of artificial intelligence are getting recruited like star athletes, but could a rush to get new technology on the field cause ethical lapses?

Mar 10, 2017
Buzz Aldrin addresses the International Space University, taking place this year at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel. Photo credit: Laura Rosbrow-Telem / Geektime

7 serious sessions at Austin’s SXSW that make Gamergate panels look like child’s play

Enough with Gamergate, we have to talk about pressure on the press, the rise of basic income, space travel, and possible misuse of AI

Mar 09, 2017

10 Pittsburgh startups painting the tech world yellow and black

Mar 07, 2017

Google Translate upgrades neural machine translation for Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese

Feb 17, 2017

Mother Nature may not always know best when it comes to robotics

New research reveals that the way an insect walks may not be the best option for insect-inspired robots

Jan 29, 2017

Team-up between Middlebury and Irish machine translation startup KantanMT might herald next step in immersive language learning

The partnership will mean students studying advanced translation will get access to top-notch tools

Jan 25, 2017

Google Translate adds Japanese to English instant camera translation with 5.7 update

The new feature continues Translate's efforts to automate language interpretation across the globe, but still has some chinks in its armor