Saturday, February 22, 2020
Enough with Gamergate, we have to talk about pressure on the press, the rise of basic income, space travel, and possible misuse of AI
Startups, major corporations, and tech workers should be looking more closely at these positions as they are filled for critical statements on taxes, research, and priorities
"If all of a sudden there are huge import [tariffs] on server racks from China or from Eastern Europe . . . that might change our investment decisions."
The SpaceX and Uber bosses will fill major gaps left open in Donald Trump's team of advisors on technology
Growing evidence based on cases of Russian disinformation throughout Europe motivated us to look into potential Russian backing of this year's fake US news
Calming words and a rush to quell doomsday scenarios in Silicon Roundabout are whitewashing the real issues fintech and other startup sectors need to discuss as Brexit approaches
Musk left out many critical details to colonizing the red planet that suggest SpaceX isn't developing those solutions. Namely, where can you find an apartment?
As South Asians fill Sweden's tech talent gap, a petition seeks 2,000 more Swedish signatures in effort to keep Dynamo's developer in the country and employed in a case that is setting off alarm bells
Following criticism for her positions on vaccines and GMOs, the Green Party's standard bearer is earning a reputation for pseudoscience
TOA's annual English-speaking conference in Berlin is happening July 13-15, and organizers tell Geektime they expect blockchain with a side of Brexit at this year's forum