Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Servicing India's local, primarily rural, languages might be the next big trend for content and media for the country's startups
The possibility the characters would be made one and the same has been talked about before behind the scenes. Flashpoint presents likely too good an opportunity to do it
The Israeli company has developed technology enabling typically passive viewers to become involved in the plot - and influence its development
Meta's headset not only makes it possible to see augmented reality, but also interact with virtual objects, challenging Microsoft's HoloLens
A startup that automatically produces videos to greet you on business websites based on data it scrambles together from across the web is both impressive and kind of creepy
The Chinese giant responsible for ‘League of Legends’ announced their new console was developed in collaboration with Intel and will be manufactured by Haier
Kevin Smith did not just bring 'the Flash' back in more ways than one, but also directed one of its best episodes yet
According to reports, YouTube is working on a new service called Unplugged, which will allow users live viewing of content from cable channels
Check out the preview for the next episode of 'The Flash,' plus read why the show is on a better path than its predecessor Arrow
With big media investments, Playbuzz seems ready to roll with the big boys as it expands its video options