Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Google's update will give you 200 relevant stories from across the news spectrum in what should show up competitor Facebook
The Israeli company has developed technology enabling typically passive viewers to become involved in the plot - and influence its development
This interactive platform delivers elements of the choose-your-own-ending world into high quality video. Will major movie studios bring it to the silver screen?
The new map is the most up-to-date visual of Jerusalem's growing startup prowess, a parallel ecosystem to neighboring Tel Aviv
With Torrents Time, The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torents and other torrenting sites now enable high quality streaming. How will online torrenting and streaming evolve?
Japan fan events have a history of banning male cosplay of female characters even as gender-bending characters have become more common in comic lore
The company has developed a system that does analytics for AR and VR viewing in order to improve both the speed and content of the viewing experience
Servicing India's local, primarily rural, languages might be the next big trend for content and media for the country's startups
The deal adds another paper to Taboola's list of major clients which includes the Chicago Tribune and USA Today
A startup that automatically produces videos to greet you on business websites based on data it scrambles together from across the web is both impressive and kind of creepy