Saturday, February 22, 2020
Israel-based web design company Wix has acquired longtime internet pillar DeviantArt for $36 million, according to a statement by the two companies. The purchase will give DeviantArt users access to Wix tools to improve their profiles, while Wix designers...
If you're looking to divorce your website from the 'You Might Also Like' bar at the bottom of the page, this embedded feature might be the content marketer's ticket to internal link heaven
The crowdfunding campaign raised over $1.3 million in about a month for their crowdsourced design that challenges the MacBook on virtually every spec
Canva has managed to rise above a crowded field of graphic design startups, simultaneously helping Perth gain a reputation for its small-but-growing tech and startup scene
Wix's new product will automate content updates and suggest changes to your website design based on industry and, later, what's popular in your local market
In an unusual move Nano Dimension, an Israeli company called focused on printing electricity-conducting nano-material ink, is expanding into the biotech sector
A new crowdfunding campaign presents a smart digital canvas, enabling you to upload pictures from a pre-installed collection of art or your own photos
Allwinner releases a new laptop that retails for less than a MacBook charger. Is this an emerging trend?
Launching in the United States, the feature could prove to be wildly popular for people looking to show off their hometown pride on the backs of their phones
Wix celebrates a stellar year and predicts big things for 2016. At the same time, its stock is tanking: Will they be able to take a larger chunk of the website creation market?