Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Limited only to 300 essential phrases, it may pave the way for customizing translations for specific purposes
The move is the latest by big tech like Google Translate and Microsoft Translator to shift their machine translation capabilities from written text to spoken word
The French team wants to revolutionize how your kids see the stars
As more drones are sold, the likelihood that hostile use will be made of them increases. To combat this new threat, AntiShield has developed a rifle
A Note 8? A new reliable report reveals that Samsung is developing its next flagship phablet. The company is also launching its new S3 watch
This could represent the next big shakeup in the way gemologists grade diamonds
Everybody is talking about the stunning Surface Studio computer and the Creators Update for Windows 10 unveiled by Microsoft last night. Here are four more interesting Microsoft announcements that attracted our attention
Chinese device maker Xiaomi has revealed a device with almost no bezels on the side or above the screen and a stunning screen-to-body ratio
The leak, from Apple itself, reveals the new MacBook Pro ahead of today’s launch. Among other things, the new computer includes the Magic Toolbar and a keyboard-integrated OLED touch screen with special buttons that change according to the app you are running
Bose’s headphones have become famous for their active noise cancellation technology. The company recently launched the QuietComfort 35, its first wireless headphones with noise cancellation. We gave them a try, and emerged with a clear consensus