Apr 15, 2017

10 ways to save money with AWS Redshift

Easier than you might have thought, these are in-depth tips for designing a much smarter data setup

Apr 02, 2017

The way computers see you may Change your life

Algorithms are fast becoming the deciders in how our lives shape out. What are we doing to make sure that we still get a fair shake?

Mar 28, 2017

10 languages Google Translate has not added and where to find them

Google Translate offers 103 languages, but rival services and apps have added machine translation for some others

Mar 22, 2017

Google News update is challenge to Facebook on reliability

Mar 07, 2017

Google Translate upgrades neural machine translation for Hindi, Russian, and Vietnamese

Feb 17, 2017

Bipartisan bill would close loophole, require warrants before police could track phones using cell simulators

US police departments have been forced to get warrants to track vehicles, but courts have been split on tracking cell phones

Feb 13, 2017

CrediFi scores $13 million from Liberty Israel, Battery Ventures to compete with other real estate startups

Intel on the commercial real estate market is a lucrative business that has attracted big name investors like 500 Startups and Bain Capital

Feb 09, 2017

Oslo startup raises $12 million to mix up global battle over shipping rates

Xeneta uses big data to find the best price quotes for shippers, but they face some well-funded startups who were quicker to grow