Dec 29, 2016
Using the Spott app to identify items on TV. Photo Credit: Appiness PR

Belgian Appiness connects viewers with their favorite shows and brands

Using their smart app and audio coding, this startup is exploring new ways to help brands engage with viewers, driving sales

Dec 27, 2016
CreatorDen team photo. Photo credit: CreatorDen

Turkish startup CreatorDen connects brands with increasingly important stars: social media influencers

This is the story of a company in a nascent startup region innovating in a refreshingly new and growing area of advertising

Dec 21, 2016

Beijing-based Spearhead acquires San Francisco ad platform Smaato for $148 million

This is the first such deal to go through in 2016. Others will likely follow

Dec 21, 2016
Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook debuts new Live Audio feature, appealing to radio enthusiasts

Dec 20, 2016

Vertex and Baidu give $22 million investment to machine learning startup Dynamic Yield

Nov 03, 2016
Phunware has been an Inc. 5000 company since 2012. Photo Credit: Phunware

Austin-based Phunware raises $22 million Series F funding round

Mobile enterprise services will expand rapidly by 2020, as digital ads outpace TV

Oct 28, 2016
Image credit: Twitter

Twitter announces layoffs and pending Vine shutdown

Company also teases changes to its users' safety policies

Oct 25, 2016

Netflix isn’t worried about the AT&T and Time Warner merger just yet

In the long run, vertical streaming deals might prove dangerous for Netflix and similar services as older content producers try to regain exclusivity with their own [Read More...]