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Rahil Bhagat is many things to many people :the last son of Krypton, The Dark Knight, The Iron Avenger and so on. He likes playing with shiny things and writing about them.

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NEST, Infiniti launch new Hong Kong accelerator targeting smart cities

This will be a 12-week program for up to eight startups to develop solutions for problems associated with rapid urbanization and industrialization
Jun 12, 2015


BlaBlaCar drives out of Europe: first stop India

The service, which allows users to carpool for long distance journeys, has been rolled out in Delhi and Gurgaon today
Jan 14, 2015


Starting up is so painful, I will never want to do it again: GREE Founder

In front of a packed house in Fukuoka, Japan, Yoshikazu Tanaka talks about challenges, the secret of GREE’s success and what lies ahead
Apr 15, 2015

PlayStation to release in China after 14-year ban on gaming consoles

Gaming console will have to team up with a local partner and abide by strict censorship laws to do business in China
Dec 14, 2014


Viber risks being banned in Korea following patent suit by SK Telecom

The suit argues that Viber infringed on four patents held by SK Telecom
Feb 26, 2015