Payal Lal and Pavit Singh


Payal is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, student, and blogger. She got into startups when she was 16 and has been involved with them ever since, especially those in the education technology space. Her latest startup project is called Social MOOC taker, which builds a better social experience for online learners. Pavit is a gadget geek, petrolhead, audiophile, and business analyst by profession.

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Indian woman using her budget cell phone to take an image of the photographer in an indiscreet way. Morten Falch Sortland via Getty Images Israel

Top 10 gadgets in India to buy this Diwali

If you haven’t figured out what your Diwali presents are going to be or just want a change of gadgets, the ones on this list are our current favorites
Oct 28, 2016