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Eric is a tech writer for Techweez who covers all aspects of tech. He is particularly interested in Kenya's flourishing startup scene.

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Kenya has low adoption of .ke domains with only 47,000 accounts

The adoption of localized Kenyan domains has been slow with only 47,704 .ke domains in use. This in comparison to the over one million local South African domains.
    Sep 26, 2015

New fiber optic line will connect Kenya and South Sudan

This high speed fiber optic cable will boost trade and connectivity between Kenya and South Sudan. The cable is expected to be up and running within the next two years.
Sep 09, 2015
Photo Credit: PR/ Uber

Uber Kenya launches app version targeting deaf drivers

User's latest update makes it possible for deaf Kenyans to become Uber drivers. This feature has already been tested in several cities across the U.S., but Kenya is [Read More...]
Jul 31, 2015