Geektime Next, Israel’s biggest startup conference, on June 4
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Following the enormous success of the annual conference for the startup industry, it is back under a new name – Geektime Next – and with a new concept

This year, in addition to the main speakers from Israel and overseas and top notch networking, we have decided to renew our annual startup competition and create several completely new events.

Up until this year, the startup competition – the Startup Arena – was conducted on a single stage during the entire day, and revealed 10 promising startups. This time, the competition will be divided among four different stages, each of which will concentrate on a different topic:

1. Consumer – All the innovations and companies involving mobile and the Internet.
2. Connected – A stage completely devoted to everything we connect to a network: autonomous cars, IoT, smart homes, and wearables.
3. Cloud and Enterprise – Innovations relating to enterprises, cloud computing, and cyber.
4. Industrial – Everything you need to know about the hot industrial sectors: life sciences, fintech, industrial, and clean-tech.

Together with all the promising startups, there will be panels on the stages addressing these subjects, with experts and professionals in the various spheres as guests.

Do you want to hear more and buy tickets? Click here.

Introducing Geektime PitchCamp

A new event added this year is the Geektime PitchCamp – a preliminary event to the Geektime Arena startups competition. Approximately 100 startups will be chosen by us to participate in two concentrated days with the sole purpose of preparing them to present the product they have developed to investors, and to provide them with the tools to make a professional, persuasive, and improved presentation.

The startups will make presentations to experts in various spheres, and will attend a practical workshop for improving their presentation capabilities. Of the 100 startups, only the 40 best will be selected to compete in the Startup Arena on the Geektime Next stages.

More than 70 companies have made presentations in the Startup Arena to date, including TabTale, Kaltura, Wix, and 20 other companies that have been acquired, such as Crosswise, SalesPredict, WikiAnswers, Dapper, Watchdox, and CyActive. The various companies that first made presentations at the Geektime competition have raised an aggregate total of $873 million, and their exits amount to $1.75 billion, making the Startup Arena a competition for the most successful startups in Israel, which are also among the most successful ones in the world.

We are looking for companies that have not yet been revealed to the general public, have raised less than $3 million, and are interested in unveiling their product for the first time on the conference stage. Companies that have graduated one of the entrepreneurship programs or accelerators in Israel or overseas are asked to state this on the request form for the event.

Do you want to submit your candidacy for Geektime PitchCamp? Click here

Geektime Next will also feature a Geektime Match event designed to bring together representatives of international corporations that are not usually present in Israel and Israeli startups for the purpose of generating cooperative efforts.

Meet the Faces of the Technological Community

Geektime Next will take place on Sunday, June 4 in the InterContinental David Tel Aviv Hotel conference center as part of the Geektime Techfest Israeli technology festival. This year, the festival is taking place in the second week in June (June 4-8, 2017). Like last year, it will have various conferences, exhibitions, meet-ups, hackathons, professional workshops, and more – a huge variety of technology events that will interest anyone who works and lives in the industry.

Following the full feedback from last year’s visitors, we decided this year to move the festival to early June, so that we’ll be able to enjoy better weather and a broader range of events. Now that everything is settled, it is time to invite you to leave your computers and your offices, and meet in person the big investors and the veteran, new, and promising companies. See for yourself the faces of the 2017 technology community.

More particulars will be provided later. Meanwhile, reserve the dates, so that you will not miss the largest startup and venture capital event of the year.

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