10 startups in Austin and San Antonio you need to watch for
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Austin, Texas, United States, North America Photo Credit: Witold Skrypczak

These central Texas cities, steeped in the past, are surging toward the future

When people think of cities in Texas, they think of Dallas (thank you, J.R. Ewing and 1980s TV) and Houston (Super Bowl LI). But the third leg of the Texas Triangle is Austin and San Antonio, just 45 minutes apart. Austin is famous as the state capital and home to the University of Texas main campus (go Longhorns). San Antonio boasts the Alamo (Remember the …) and the San Antonio Spurs, winners of multiple NBA championships.

But the T in Texas stands for technology, so we decided to take a closer look at the top startups that these two cities have to offer.

San Antonio

1. Codeup

Photo Credit: Codeup

Codeup calls itself a “career accelerator” that prepares clients to become software developers. The three co-founders have long resumes filled with corporate programming jobs and projects. Started in 2013, Codeup promises to refund half your tuition if you don’t get a job within six months. What do startups run on? Programming, which is why Codeup and other coding accelerators provide great value. At least $3.5 million of investment fuel Codeup.

2. MergeVR

MergeVR Viewer Photo Credit: MergeVR

MergeVR (aka Merge Labs) Facebook’s Occulus Rift may be the VR gorilla, but there are plenty of other nimble mammals in the emerging VR jungle. Meet MergeVR, makers of goggles. motion controllers, and the Holo Cube that all make mobile VR a reality. Started in 2014, MergeVR raised over $10 million in a recent funding round.

3. Filestack

Image Credit: Filestack

Filestack enables websites and mobile apps to upload files faster, easier, and more securely. Weave the Filestack code into your app and get immediate access to more than 20 cloud storage interfaces, all made smoother and easier. The company has received a total of $1.8 million from a dozen investors since opening the door in 2011.

4. TrueAbility

Image Credit: TrueAbility

TrueAbility started offering performance-based assessments for a wide variety of IT and other technical certifications in 2012. They promise their testing provides the most realistic overview of candidates and how they will function once hired. Six investors putting in a total of $2.75 million certify their process.

5. Infocyte

Image Credit: Infocyte

Infocyte uses defense-in-depth strategies, including “threat hunting” to protect endpoints and networks. Their spin since starting in April 2014? They assume your endpoints are already compromised. Early in 2017 they received $3.4 million in Series A funding, bringing their total to $4.1 million.


6. Javelin Networks

Image Credit: Javelin

Javelin Networks protects corporate networks running Microsoft’s Active Directory by adding a big dose of artificial intelligence to prevent, contain, and hunt down threats. The security company, started in 2014, has raised $5 million in two rounds, including one that closed in early February 2017.

7. SparkCognition

Photo Credit: SparkCognition

SparkCognition started in 2013 and calls itself “the world’s first Cognitive Security Analytics company.” Their DeepArmor product uses machine learning (one facet of Artificial Intelligence) to stop malware. Other products use AI to manage small sensors appearing in every device, such as vibration analysis of machinery. Electronic sensor use exploded the last few year, and only machines can track them all accurately. Hence the $6.37 million in two investor rounds, including $6 million in April 2016.

8. InView Technology

Image Credit: InView

InView Technology provides “powerful yet affordable imaging solutions.” What sounds like an Instagram app is really almost magic, as InView’s Shortwave Infrared cameras improve imaging in microscopes, military and surveillance systems and more. Since 2009, almost $1.8 million from three investors has funded over 30 patents.

9. Seismos

Image Credit: Seismos

Seismos hopes to make a messy business, fracking, more efficient, faster, and cheaper. Special sensors provide real-time performance evaluation and subsurface fluid-flow imaging. Four investors have pumped in $4.1 million since the company opened in 2012.

10. Shelfbucks

Shelfbucks works to give physical retailers the same data, analysis, and marketing advantages held by online outlets. Smartphones display rich media messages like you see online to customers walking the aisles. Since March 2013, $11.51 million from four investors and one acquisition of a key technology provider has filled their shopping cart.

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