Israeli startup Sealights raises huge $11 million first funding round


Sealights is a new kind of QA testing platform and their debut comes with a hefty $11 million funding round led by TLV Partners with cash from Blumberg Capital and angel investor Oren Zeev. The money will help the team open a US office and make new R&D hires in Israel.

“We witnessed delivery speeds going from one or two releases a year to tens and hundreds a month, but hand in hand with that, new quality challenges cropped up,” said Sealights CEO and Co-founder Eran Sher in a press release.

Sher and Alon Eizenman, Sealight’s CTO and other Co-founder, are confident they can improve the quality of continuous testing (a.k.a. continuous delivery), the perhaps self-explanatory industry term describing the increasingly prevalent automated testing that software companies use to analyze upgrades and new programs. Programs are competing to provide more accurate, detailed, and faster analytics and diagnostics.

“Continuous integration and delivery have revolutionized how we develop and ship code,” CTO Alon Eizenman chimed in. “As our need for speed grows so does the frequency of code changes and releases, but testing must evolve in order to keep up, both in terms of speed and in terms of quality. This is the challenge that every QA manager, development team, and DevOps team is contending with.”

Blumberg has backed the pair twice before, something the firm’s managing director Bruce Taragin pointed out. They previously co-founded Nolio, which produced automation software for data centers. That company raised $5 million from Cedar Fund (Partner Ronen Yehoshua) and Blumberg Capital before being bought by CA Technologies in 2013, where both founders worked together until founding Sealights in 2015. They also worked together at Mercury Interactive, which was acquired by HP back in 2006.

“Testing has lagged behind and today the Testing/QA phase is becoming the next bottleneck in the Software Delivery process,” Eitan Bek, co-founder of TLV Partners, argued in a press release.

The size of the test automation market is colossal. It might be worth $85.84 billion by 2024, a figure that likely implies automated, continuous testing will be the only game in town eight years from now. The only thing holding back the market, Transparency Market Research argues, is the low supply and “high demand for specialized testers with the desired testing skills for test automation.”

According to their website, Sealights is looking to hire a full stack developer, a front end developer, customer success managers, a content manager, and a demand generation manager.


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