Crowd-sourced infrastructure ops startup indeni raises another $7 million


Israeli-American infrastructure operations startup inendi announced the close of a $10 million Series A funding round Tuesday, adding $7 million from existing investor Sequoia Capital and new backers iAngels and CIRtech. It completes the round that was started way back in 2012, with an initial investment of $3 million led by Sequoia.

In the dense IT space, inedni’s big pitch is combination of machine learning and crowd-sourced expertise to address network problems. That crowd is sourced from a collection of experts paid by inendi and members of their clients’ teams.

“The platform currently has dozens of experts involved, some are paid and most are members of our customers’ teams,” CEO Yoni Leitersdorf told Geektime. Imagine if all the IT people from the entire world met together every day to share best practices and issues they ran into. We facilitate that through our software.”

Their company philosophy is to make IT ops less error prone, less stressful and much easier. They say their platform can manage devices from Blue Coat, Check Point, Cisco, F5, and Palo Alto Networks. With claims of customers in several industries, including two credit card companies, several healthcare companies and financial services, named clients include Fujitsu, FXCM, and Travelex.

“We believe it is our responsibility to make the lives of administrators, engineers and their managers better. With the indeni platform powered by indeni insight, we are providing unprecedented visibility to network health making it easier for organizations to complete their projects on time.” Leitersdorf stated in his release to the press. “Indeni customers often tell us that we are critical in bringing sanity to their day to day. That is exactly what we want to do. This round of funding will help us help us to do more, for more people, and cement our position as the leader in this space.”

“The infrastructure operations technology landscape has seen very little innovation in the last decade,” Haim Sadger, General Partner at Sequoia Capital, claimed in a press release. “Meanwhile, the network has become more complex with introduction of IoT and smart devices. Companies that are enabling Enterprises to solve complex challenges, such as keeping a network up and running, leveraging machine learning and crowd-sourcing are the best investment opportunities right now, and indeni is a stand out technology in this category.”

The idea that there has “very little innovation” in any part of the network infrastructure industry over the last 10 years sounds rather dubious at first listen, but Leitersdorf explains to Geektime there really haven’t been many changes in terms of which programs operators have been using to manage networks and avoid disruptions.

“If we look at the products used by large IT teams today, we see that fundamentally they are still using technology from the 90’s such as IBM TIVOLI, CA SPECTRUM, HP OPENVIEW. We are working to move them off of those technologies using our new approach to operations.”


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