3 gadgets that will upgrade your smartphone camera


Dragging around a digital camera has been unnecessary for a long time, not to mention a DSLR camera for social events or trips. Just in case you feel something is missing, here are three accessories you can connect to your smartphone that will turn it into a professional camera, all without affecting its usefulness

1. Grip&Shoot – Much more than a selfie stick

Grip&Shoot wants to make sure that the next picture or video you shoot with your smartphone during a football game or family excursion will be as sharp and successful as possible. This accessory is a tripod, stabilizer, and remote control, all in a single product that will enable you to completely control a smartphone with one hand.

It’s true that we all have a pretty good camera in our pocket. When it comes down to it, though, not everyone knows how to take a picture. Sometimes it can even be issue that are out of their control, think about if someone’s hands tremble, for example.

With Grip&Shoot, you can let your kid or your grandmother take the picture. You can enable them to control the camera with built-in buttons for a zoom lens, change the exposure, and of course take still photos. The device is controlled using Bluetooth and a special app. Another advantage of the product is its compact dimensions and that fact that it weighs only 113 grams.

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Price: $100
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Photo Credit: Grip&Shoot
Photo Credit: Grip&Shoot

2. Air A01 – Turn your smartphone into a DSLR camera

DSLR cameras haven’t yet vanished off the face of the earth. However, the iPhone 7 Plus camera, for example, includes a feature for depth of field photos that simulates the effect of advanced DSLR cameras. The main object is emphasized, rather than the background, so we’re certainly getting closer to it.

It appears that Olympus, a veteran camera manufacturer, concluded that if you can’t beat them, join them. The company decided to develop the Air A01, an advanced lens that can be connected to any smartphone. The company says this component significantly upgrades the built-in smartphone camera by adding to it all the advantages of a DSLR camera. It offers an optical zoom, an aperture, and a high-quality picture even under difficult lighting conditions with a shallow depth of field. It can also be used to shoot RAW format stills and full HD 1080p videos.

Compatibility: Android and iOS
Price: $300
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Photo Credit:  Air A01
Photo Credit: Air A01

3. Insta360 Nano – Turn your iPhone into a 360-degree camera

There are quite a few 360-degree cameras on the market, including the one made by LG, which we have reviewed. While it is fairly easy to synchronize these cameras with a smartphone using Bluetooth and WiFi, the Insta360 Nano can be physically and automatically connected to an iPhone (through the Lightning adapter). This makes shooting a photo a little less awkward.

The camera can be used to shoot 360-degree video clips. The advantage is that the content is saved directly on the iPhone, so it can be shared easily later. With LG’s camera, all the content is saved on the camera itself, so a separate action is necessary to download the content to the device. The device weighs a mere 70 grams, so it won’t make your iPhone heavy.

Compatibility: iPhone 6/6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus
Price: Starting from $200

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Photo Credit: Insta360
Photo Credit: Insta360


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