Will the Flash and Flashpoint retcon Arrow’s John Diggle as Green Lantern’s John Stewart?
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A fan-made image of John DIggle imagined as Green Lantern John Stewart (source, unknown)

The possibility the characters would be made one and the same has been talked about before behind the scenes. Flashpoint presents likely too good an opportunity to do it

Rumors of the emerald knight making an appearance in DC’s universe, plus revelations the Arrow mainstay will see family shakeups in a big way could point to a big surprise for fans.

Rumor mills aren’t the best place to live if you blog about comics, but hell is it fun to speculate. This coming season of the Flash is full of wildcards thanks to a timeline-altering decision by Barry Allen. That decision will only affect older brother show Arrow in slight ways, but apparently noticeable ones according to the cast who spoke at Comic-Con in San Diego this weekend.

That will also include some noticeable changes for Oliver Queen’s top bro, John Diggle. Originally a supporting cast decision to play Queen’s bodyguard, his importance to the show grew and he became a team staple. With no prior character history to the show, speculation grew as recently as last year that he was actually lined up to be revealed as a mainstay of DC Comics canon. Now, panels at Comic-Con have revealed the Flashpoint arc will significantly impact Diggle according to David Ramsey, who portrays the hero on Arrow.

Ramsey notes, “It will affect Diggle to some degree and it will affect his family in a very, very personal way. There’s a lot going on with Diggle this season and it will effect his family directly.”

That could mean anything, like the CW deciding not to renew the contract of the actress playing his wife, or that he has a son instead of a daughter, etc. But borrowing from the Flash’s willingness to play loose with married and maiden names with other alternative versions of characters, an old rumor that Diggle could become a Green Lantern becomes more plausible.

The Flash works with Diggle to defeat King Shark (image, CW Television)

The Flash works with Diggle to defeat King Shark. Photo credit: CW Television

At the end of the Flash Season 2, his father Henry Allen’s other-universe version apparently took his mother’s maiden name, Garrick, and an alternative first name, Jay. The same would hardly be a shark jump for writers who might be looking to connect Arrow to events in the Flashpoint storyline more significantly.

David Ramsey told comicbook.com in no uncertain terms back in 2015 that talks were serious about Diggle not just being dubbed a Lantern, but actually being the John Stewart character.

“Is John Diggle John Stewart? I cannot say ‘yes,’ and I cannot say, ‘no.’ I’m serious! I do know that there is serious discussion about whether or not this guy becomes John Stewart. But, I mean, I’ll say this: it is top secret. I’ve asked them and they’re like, “We’re working on some stuff.” If that’s the case, it’s gonna be huge. This is the stuff they want to avoid. I think they don’t want anybody to know yet and they haven’t even told me.”

John Wesley Shipp, who has been playing Henry Allen, portrays his Earth 2 doppleganger Jay Garrick after a lot of artistic license and name-flipping were used to perfection on The Flash (image, CW Television)

John Wesley Shipp, who has been playing Henry Allen, portrays his Earth 2 doppleganger Jay Garrick after a lot of artistic license and name-flipping were used to perfection on the Flash. Photo credit: CW Television

Easter eggs have been dropped for Green Lantern in one way or another on both Arrow and the Flash. At the end of Arrow Season 3, Oliver Queen absconds with Felicity Smoak to Coast City, whose welcome sign mentions Ferris Air. One Flash reference at an abandoned Ferris Air hanger mentions the company went under after one of its pilots disappeared. To put icing on the cake, Green Lantern character Susan Williams will also be part of the new editions on Arrow’s cast for the fifth season.

In fact, Stephen Amell has been open about the strong possibility this was the planned direction of the show.

“Now, boy we’ve referenced Ferris Air a lot,” Amell said last year. “It would be really cool to have Green Lantern. Hopefully, that happens. I have no inside information, unless I do.”

Coast City, home to Ferris Air

Coast City, home to Ferris Air (image, CW Television)

While both of these and some other small references are to Hal Jordan, another Green Lantern, the shows have hinted to the comic more often than they’ve hinted to the far more conspicuous-by-his-absence character of Batman.

It is a fair guess, however hopeful, this is a major act of fan service that the CW and DC Comics might give a fan base that is both extremely excited for Flashpoint and hoping it brings something dramatic to all the other shows in the universe in a truly epic way.

Featured image credit: Fair use, as depicted here

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