Amdocs founder Avi Naor appointed chairman of biometric security company’s Board of Directors
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FST Biometrics recently announced the famed hi-tech entrepreneur as the new chairman of its Board of Directors, hoping an innovative future for the successful and growing tech company

Last Wednesday, identity management solutions provider FST Biometrics announced Israeli hi-tech entrepreneur Avi Naor as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Naor, a co-founder of renowned customer experience software provider Amdocs, is investing $3.1 million of his personal funds into FST Biometrics. His investment foreshadows exponential growth and success for the Israeli and United States-based identity management solutions provider, which was founded by former 8200 commander Aharon Zeevi Farkash.

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Avi Naor Source: PR

The technology company is most critically acclaimed for its IMID™ product, a biometric security tool that combines analytic technology with face recognition, body behavior analytics, and voice verification software. Individuals physically walking into corporations, office buildings, and even educational or recreational institutions are seamlessly screened as they walk through the building’s entrance sans keypads, codes, fingerprint scanning, or any other kind of interaction.

Those without permission to access the facility will not be granted access, with doors remaining closed or other means of secure prevention.

The flexible motion identification product is available in such large-scale formats, as well as in “Doorman” and “Mobile” designs.

With Naor’s influence, however, FST Biometrics will be able to expand their research and development strategies with fervor.

“This is a company with an identification technology and products that are unmatched in terms of accuracy, speed, and the efficiency they bring to the users,” Avi Naor answered in response to questions from Geektime. “Given my background in helping companies maximize the market potential for their products, FST’s board and investors believe that I am the right person to help take this company to the next level.”

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A statement released by FST Biometrics proudly identifies Naor as “a 2014 Israel Prize laureate, and the recipient of Israel’s Presidential Medal of Distinction.” He served as Amdoc’s President and CEO for seven years, from 1995 until 2002, and now supports road safety, at-risk youth, and periphery involvement as a philanthropist involved in a plethora of benevolent organizations, including JFN Israel.

The philanthropist aims to help FST Biometrics implement their technology framework on an international scale. Naor predicts that in the next five years, identification will evolve so that individuals will be screened based solely on their physical appearance rather than by handheld identification cards or codes.

“The more companies and facilities that implement our biometrics-based identification system, the clearer it will become that accurate identification does not have to limit people’s freedom of movement,” he told Geektime. “FST’s products are relevant to any industry or application where effective and seamless identification is the objective. The possibilities are almost endless.”

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