Israeli startup GamEffective raises $7 million


GamEffective, which offers real-time gamification and feedback solutions for enterprises in order to improve their employees’ output, announced a $7 million financing round led by Jerusalem Venture Partners, with participation from 2B Angels, Verint, Shaked Ventures, Lipman, CE Ventures, and other investors.

One of the most enjoyable and effective ways of learning various sorts of expertise is through a physical or virtual game. Gamification is a method using game elements in a non-game environment for the purpose of generating internal motivation among the participants, so that they will be as successful as possible at the game. GamEffective has taken advantage of this method, and has developed a platform designed for use by enterprises and workplaces that can improve employee performance, among other things.

There is another way

The GamEffective platform helps bolster sales and customer service performance, encourages cooperation in an enterprise, and supports employee training and instruction. The goal of the company’s gamification solutions is to create long-term organizational change using various game elements that encourage the involvement and commitment of the employees in an enterprise. The types of games used include sports competitions and graphic-rich car races aimed at enabling the enterprise to communicate goals clearly and motivate employees to act, while obtaining real high-quality feedback from them. The narratives in the various games turn the employees into heroes, while using a balanced achievement-oriented approach that results in a feeling of significance, control, and autonomy.

Founded by CEO Gal Rimon in 2012, the company has raised a total of $10 million. GamEffective raised $3 million in a financing round completed in April 2015, led by Verint, with participation by private investors, including 2B Angels, Shaked Ventures, Lipman, and Chomski. The company currently has 40 employees in its offices in Ra’anana and the U.S. The money raised is earmarked for developing its sales, marketing, and development set-ups.

Rimon says, “We use fitness trackers, because they are successful in connecting goals to achievements. At GamEffective, we focus the employees on their personal goals, and motivate them to achieve them by expanding their know-how, and through other activities. The employees know at all times what their status is and what is expected of them. Just as people using fitness trackers are more conscious of their health, our system instills a similar process at the workplace for performance management purposes.”     


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