Exclusive: Freelance marketplace CodersClan acquires online code library Binpress


On-demand coding platform CodersClan bought online code store Binpress, the companies announced on Monday. While Binpress will remain a separate brand for the time being, CodersClan representatives acknowledged that Binpress’s founders, CTO Eran Galperin and CEO Adam Benayoun, would be “moving on to pursue other interests,” and that over time, CodersClan would “absorb all of Binpress’ assets.”

On-demand freelance services for content writing and translation have become more prolific with services like Fiverr and Unbabel, and it is fair to assume it would be a matter of time before coding got the same treatment.

Unlike Fiverr, however, moderators have more control over who gets the job. Based on deadline, expertise and the popularity of the technology being worked on, mods will assign who they see as the coder most appropriate for the work. Then, the coder is hooked up to the client.

CodersClan CEO Dror Cohen says it is all toward expanding marketplace options for on-demand coding.

“Despite many advances, building software is still a complex and risky process, inaccessible to many. We believe that by providing on-demand coding in the right context and interface, along with our community of coders, we can make it a lot simpler,” Cohen expresses in a statement.

Speaking with Geektime, Cohen explains how they would encourage their more than 10,000 users to begin using Binpress modules for their work. “Code reuse is a great method for optimizing the development process and lowering development costs” of apps. He added that “We will encourage CodersClan coders to write their own libraries and publish them on Binpress, as well as encourage Binpress coders to participate on CodersClan.”

There are a few other coding marketplaces, both for prefabricated code packages (the product if you will) and for freelancers (services).

To get on CodersClan’s network, the site checks out your online credentials: contributions on Stack Overflow or Github, your LinkedIn account and personal websites. The company has launched integration with Trello and new marketing services in the last year. They also boast a client list including SimilarWeb, Myheritage, Checkmarx, Intercom and AppsFlyer.

The network contains thousands of coders, with their site displaying how many are available by region in real time (screenshot, CodersClan.com)
The network contains thousands of coders, with their site displaying how many are available by region in real time (screenshot, CodersClan.com)

The value of the deal wasn’t disclosed. Palo Alto-based CodersClan itself raised an $820,000 seed round last year, while Mountain View-based Binpress last raised a $1 million seed round in 2013.

“Our role as a platform is to provide both our clients and coders with the most optimal way to build code together,” Cohen noted. “By providing contextual channels for different types of coding projects, we are able to structure and perfect a process for each type of work. Over the next year we would be introducing new integrations for more audiences, effectively opening more end-points to be working with our community.

Binpress’s library is broken down by platform (mobile, desktop), scripts from Java to PHP to Ruby, grouped by categories and sorted by popularity.

Leading up the acquisition, Binpress has gotten investments from the likes of Cloudera founder Jeff Hammerbacher, Dave McClure, the TEEC Angel Fund, Scrum Ventures and FundersClub.

CodersClan was co-founded by CEO Dror Cohen and CTO Uri Ezra. Binpress was co-founded by CEO Adam Benayoun and CTO Eran Galperin. Benayoun is also a venture partner at 500 Startups.


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