Hot time in cybertown: Sixgill raises $5 million, Nuro raises $2.6 million


There were two Israeli cyber financing rounds on the same day: Israeli Sixgill announced a $5 million financing round for its cyber intelligence platform on Wednesday. Meanwhile Israeli startup Nuro, which provides a secure messaging platform, announced a $2.6 million financing round led by National Cyber Defense Authority founder and former director Erez Kreiner.

Intelligence from the “Dark Web”

Sixgill has developed an intelligence platform capable of assembling data from the Dark Web, using a complex algorithm to detect data leaks and illegal trading websites, and warning enterprises and individuals of attacks. Founded by CEO Avi Kasztan and CTO Elad Lavi in 2014, the company’s offices are in Yokneam. The $5 million financing round was led by the Elron Electronic Industries holding company.    

Four security layers

The Nuro platform was designed specifically for use by a company’s employees and external partners in order to help it cope with leaks of an enterprise’s information (data loss prevention – DLP), in a period in which internal and external online enterprise communications has become standard. The platform makes it possible to create secure communications and encrypted files and messages shared in a controlled private environment that serves as a kind of “virtual safe-deposit box.” The development is composed of four security layers: security of the device, encryption of communications, encryption of storage, and a cognitive layer that predicts security breaches. Nuro also scans files shared through text messages in order to detect viruses and malware. According to Nielsen’s research, 75% of all employees send confidential messages pertaining to their work through the various instant messaging services, and 21% share sensitive materials with their friends outside the enterprise.

Executive chairman and former AVG Technologies CEO JR Smith, CEO Eran Pfeffer, and CMO Omri Sigelman, all of whom are veterans of the mobile communications security sector, founded Nuro in 2014. A graduate of the IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator, Nuro is the first Israeli company to sign a commercial contract for the use of the IBM Watson. Six months ago, the company completed a $2 million financing round, so the current round puts the total amount raised at $4.6 million. Investors in Nuro include private investors and the Evolution Partners fund.

Responding to his company’s latest financing round, Kreiner said, “More than three billion people use various messaging platforms for private or business purposes. Now is the time to minimize the risk of unsecured messages being distributed all over the world.” He added, “Nuro has established itself as the industry leader in security enterprise communications platforms, and I’m thrilled to be cooperating with the company at this important moment.”


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