Geektime in Chengdu: Follow us on the ground this week at Technode’s ChinaBang startup conference


Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen are the cities that come to mind when you think of Chinese technology. But there are a dozen others with a significant amount of startup and venture activity. One of those is the central city of Chengdu. This week, TechNode will host the fifth annual ChinaBang Awards, and Geektime will be there on the ground.

The event will cover two days with a VC meetup, hardware competition, awards banquet and an “Asia Innovation Forum.” The awards will recognize China‘s best investors and founders of 2015, plus doll out prizes for best software, hardware, marketing, e-commerce, expat-founded startups, fintech and more.

A participant pitches at ChinaBang 2015 in Beijing (image, TechNode)
A participant pitches at ChinaBang 2015 in Hong Kong. Photo credit: TechNode

Some 68 venture capitalists and their firms will be on hand for the meetup and competition including Matrix Partners and Sequoia Capital China. Visitors from Israel’s RideOn, India’s Velmenni (Delhi) and Live Braille (Chandigarh), and others will bring emphasis to the international theme of the conference. The hardware competition, otherwise dubbed the Asia Hardware Battle, will bring startups from Israel, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and of course across China to be judges by representatives from top tier investors and industrial leaders. The innovation forum will showcase some of the major tech companies from the Chengdu scene.

China: Peering outward while thinking in

Last year’s event took place in Beijing, but TechNode wants to bring attention to central and southern China by bringing it to the definitely undermentioned Chengdu. They will also take the opportunity to recognize the “Top 50 Most Innovative Startups in Southwestern China” at the event. The city is a center for IT and biomedicine, is home to the Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park (SSTIP) and has hosted hackathons sponsored by Baidu. In 2013, they hosted the Fortune Global Forum attended by finance leaders from around the world.

Chengdu is also a notable anchor for Uber’s China strategy, with Uber Chengdu having 46 times the market penetration New York did six months after its local launch. The city still provides Uber with more business than the Big Apple, prompting the super startup to launch a special UberCommute service in the city back in September.

South Renmin Road in Chengdu (image, CC BY-SA 4.0 Wwklion via Wikimedia Commons)
South Renmin Road in Chengdu. Photo credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Wwklion via Wikimedia Commons

Even with the effort to shine the spotlight on one of China’s largest interior cities, the underlying theme this year will be the increased presence of foreign companies in the Chinese tech scene and the need for local startups to start going global.

“We believe that Chinese startups must think beyond China and establish a global presence in order to be truly disruptive and impactful,” TechNode said when announcing this year’s conference. “That’s why we’ve added a ‘Best Overseas Expansion’ award for ChinaBang in 2016.”


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