GTC2015: Bar Ilan professor revolutionizes diagnostics with new company


ContinUse, one of the ten companies competing in the Geektime Conference‘s Startup Arena pitch competition on Wednesday, develops its own remote and contact-less biometric sensor. The startup’s system can scan and measure multiple parameters at once, including glucose levels, oxygen saturation, dehydration, alcohol, blood pressure, respiratory rate, and so on.

ContinUse‘s tech is based off the work of Bar Ilan University professor and co-founder Zeev Zalevsky, a leader in photonics and head of the Electro-optics Study Program in the School of Engineering. He is also head of the Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA). The company had help from the Bar Ilan R&D Company (BIRAD), the university’s technology transfer arm. All of these monitors are controlled from the company’s app.

Zalevsky introduced the technology as a new type of wearable in a paper in the Optical Society‘s journal Biomedical Optics Express in 2014. The tech utilizes the so-called “speckle effect,” reading the grainy appearance of uneven surfaces in laser-produced images. Different materials cause the granular pattern to create a certain appearance. In this case, Zalevsky is looking at the effect of glucose on those patterns.

“Glucose is the holy grail of the world of biomedical diagnostics, and dehydration is a very useful parameter in the field of wellness, which is one of our main commercial aims,” Zalevsky wrote last year.

The company says its solution applies to a number of industries, including the ongoing development of the Internet of Things market, smart cars, biomedical technology and identity authentication. The prospects for the industry are extremely promising with the expectation that it will be worth over $30 billion by 2020.

They have raised an undisclosed amount of funds from the Lenovo Group Limited and Olive Tree Ventures. Serial entrepreneur CEO Asher Polani and Professor Zeev Zalevsky founded the startup in 2014. Polani was the CEO of secure web gateway company Finjan and customer care service FTS.


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