Dome9 scores $8.3 million for its hybrid cloud security system


Israel and California-based cloud security startup Dome9 Security announced Thursday an $8.3 million Series B funding round. The new financing will be put toward expanding its product line and sales and marketing staff.

Dome9 is one of dozens of companies being funded for cloud protection. Hybrid cloud security, a niche for Dome9, has seen some other successful startups like Adallom and Aorato get acquired by Microsoft in recent years. This makes sense given the proliferation of cloud usage and the security challenges this poses.

Common security issues that hybrid cloud users encounter include backing up data during outages, following inconsistent compliance policies across different cloud services and dealing with far more complex systems to defend.

Dome9‘s solution, known as SecOps, is designed for “public and hybrid cloud infrastructure” with a prepackaged security network. The software protects users of Windows Azure, IMB SoftLayer, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace, and HP Cloud with a major emphasis on Amazon Web Services.

It also automates the creation of new policies for internal security systems and offers a number of controls that ensure simultaneous compliance with the different networks on the hybrid system, ensuring that data (say for instance, credit card information) does not get shared across the cloud when it shouldn’t be.

The company currently claims to protect over 100,000 servers for more than 1,000 customers including firms like Citrix, Cloud Security Partners, Orbograph, and Nexgate.

More about the funding round

Investors Opus Capital Ventures, ORR Partners and new financiers JAL Ventures and Lazarus took part in the current round of financing. As part of the deal, ORR’s Avery More will become Chairman of the Board and JAL’s Joshua Levinberg will join the board as well. Robert (Bob) Darabant will also become the startup’s new Chief Revenue Officer.

CEO Zohar Alon and CTO Roy Feintuch founded Dome9 Security in 2010 and have raised a total of $12.8 million since its inception. The company is headquartered in Menlo Park, California and maintains an R&D center in Tel Aviv.

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